Died in 1937

Jan 1 Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati a prominent guru and spiritual reformer of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in the early 20th century in India.
Jan 4 Paul Behncke a German admiral during the First World War, most notable for his command of the Third Battle Squadron of the German High Seas Fleet during the Battle of Jutland.
Jan 5 Marie Booth the third daughter of Catherine and William Booth, the Founder of The Salvation Army.
Jan 6 André Bessette C.S.C. more commonly known as Brother André , and since his canonization as André of Montreal, was a lay brother of the Congregation of Holy Cross and a significant figure of the Roman Catholic Church among French-Canadians, credited with thousands of reported miraculous healings. He was declared venerable in 1978 and was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1982. Pope Benedict XVI approved the decree of sainthood for Blessed André on February 19, 2010, with the formal canonization taking place on October 17, 2010
Jan 8 Henry Tonks a British surgeon and later draughtsman and painter of figure subjects, chiefly interiors, and a caricaturist. He became an influential art teacher
Jan 8 Martin Burns an American world champion "catch-as-catch-can" wrestler as well as wrestling coach and teacher. Born in Cedar County, Iowa he started wrestling as a teenager and made money traveling around the Midwest wrestling in carnivals and fairs. As a professional he claimed the American Heavyweight Championship by defeating Evan "Strangler" Lewis in 1895 and held the title for two years. Martin Burns himself claimed to have wrestled in more than 6,000 matches and is said to have lost only seven. After the end of his active wrestling career he started a successful wrestling school in Omaha and later coached Cedar Rapids' Washington high school to the very first Iowa high school state wrestling tournament title. He died in Council Bluffs in 1937. In 2001 Martin "Farmer" Burns was inducted into the International Wrestling Institute and Museum Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 2002. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inducted Martin Burns in 2003
Jan 9 Moriz Winternitz an eminent Austrian Orientalist.
Jan 9 Frederick Vernon Coville an American botanist who worked in the United States Department of Agriculture , where he became Chief Botanist, and was the first director of the United States National Arboretum. He made contribution to economic botany and helped shape American scientific policy of the time on plant and exploration research
Jan 11 Kuzebay Gerd an Udmurt poet, a prose writer, a playwright, a public figure, a nationalist.
Jan 13 Antoine Védrenne a French rower who competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics.
Jan 13 Robert John Tillyard an English–Australian entomologist and geologist. He was sometimes known as Robin
Jan 13 Tomita Tsunejirō the earliest disciple of judo. His name appears in the first line of the enrollment book of the Kōdōkan. Tomita, together with Saigō Shirō, became first in history of judo to be awarded Shodan by the founder of judo Kanō Jigorō, who established the ranking system that is now commonly used in various martial arts around the world. Tomita was known as one of the "Four Kings" of Kōdōkan judo for his victorious efforts in competing against jujitsu schools. He was awarded 7th dan upon his death on January 13, 1937
Jan 14 Jaishankar Prasad one of the most famous figures in modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre.
Jan 15 Pietro Biginelli an Italian chemist, who discovered a three-component reaction between urea, acetoacetic ester and aldehydes. He also was studying various aspects of sanitation chemistry and chemical products' quality control
Jan 15 Anton Holban a Romanian novelist. He was the nephew of Eugen Lovinescu
Jan 16 Pyotr Bark a Russian statesman.
Jan 17 Richard Boleslawski a Polish theatre and film director, actor and teacher of acting.
Jan 19 Douglas Robinson (athlete) a member of the silver medal winning French cricket team at the 1900 Summer Olympics, the only time to date that cricket has featured in the Olympics. In the only match against Great Britain, he took two wickets in Great Britain's first innings, and was dismissed for a duck in both French innings. Born of Irish parents in Montserrat, he was the son of the colonial administrator William Cleaver Francis Robinson
Jan 21 Marie Prevost a Canadian-born film actress. During her twenty-year career, she made 121 silent and talking pictures
Jan 23 Orso Mario Corbino an Italian physicist and politician. He served as the minister for education in 1921 and as the minister for economy in 1921. He also served as professor in Messina and in Rome. Noted for his studies of the influence of external magnetic fields on the motion of electrons in metals and discovered the Corbino effect. Corbino worked with Damiano Macaluso where they discovered the Macaluso-Corbino effect, a strong magneto-rotation of the plane of polarization observed at wavelengths close to an absorption line of the material through which the light is travelling. As director of the Institute of physics he was the supervisor of Enrico Fermi, Edoardo Amaldi, Franco Rasetti ed Emilio Segrè, Bruno Pontecorvo, Oscar D'Agostino, Ettore Majorana
Jan 24 Nikolai Legat a dancer with the Russian Imperial Ballet from 1888 to 1914 and was the main successor to the rôles of the great ballet dancer, Pavel Gerdt. Legat later held duties of a balletmaster in Russia, teaching and passing on the legacy of the repertoire of that company, namely the work of the prolific choreographer and great balletmaster, Marius Petipa
Jan 28 George Buckland a British lacrosse player who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics. He was part of the British team which won the silver medal
Jan 28 Anastasios Metaxas a Greek architect and shooter.
Jan 30 Henri Duvernois a French screenwriter.
Jan 30 Billy Hogg an English footballer who played at outside right, winning the Football League championship with Sunderland in 1901–02, before moving to Scotland where he won the Scottish League title three times with Rangers. He also made three appearances for England in 1902
Jan 30 Alfred Grütter a Swiss sports shooter who competed in the early 20th century. He participated in Shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris and won a gold medal with the Military rifle team for Switzerland
Jan 30 Georgy Pyatakov a Bolshevik revolutionary leader during the Russian Revolution, and member of the Left Opposition.
Jan 31 Marguerite Audoux a French novelist.
Feb 1 Leonid Serebryakov a Russian politician and Bolshevik victim of Joseph Stalin's Great Purge.
Feb 5 Lou Andreas-Salomé a Russian-born psychoanalyst and author. Her diverse intellectual interests led to friendships with a broad array of distinguished western thinkers, including Nietzsche, Freud, and Rilke
Feb 7 Elihu Root an American lawyer and statesman who served as the Secretary of War under two presidents, including President Theodore Roosevelt. He was the prototype of the 20th century revolving door, shuttled between high-level appointed government positions in Washington, D.C. and private-sector legal practice in New York City. He was elected by the state legislature as a US Senator from New York and served one term, 1909–1915. Root was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912
Feb 7 Max Carl Wilhelm Weber a German-Dutch zoologist and biogeographer.
Feb 11 Walter Burley Griffin an American architect and landscape architect. He is known for designing Canberra, Australia's capital city. He has been credited with the development of the L-shaped floor plan, the carport and an innovative use of reinforced concrete
Feb 11 Vasily Gurko Iosifovich Gurko served for a brief period as a Chief-of-Staff of the Imperial Russian Army before being forced out of the country in exile following the October Revolution of 1917.
Feb 12 Christopher Caudwell the pseudonym of Christopher St John Sprigg , a British Marxist writer, thinker and poet.
Feb 14 Erkki Melartin a Finnish composer and pupil of Martin Wegelius from 1892 to 1899 in Helsinki, and Robert Fuchs from 1899 to 1901 in Vienna. He shares birth and death years with the composer Maurice Ravel
Feb 14 Franz Böckli a Swiss sports shooter who competed in the early 20th century. He participated in Shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris and a gold medal with the Military rifle team for Switzerland
Feb 14 Godefroy de Blonay an important early member of the International Olympic Committee.
Feb 15 Vincenzo Lancia an Italian pilot, engineer and founder of Lancia.
Feb 17 Hugo Meisl the multi-lingual football coach of the famous Austrian 'Wunderteam' of the early 1930s, as well as a referee.
Feb 18 Grigol Ordzhonikidze a Georgian Bolshevik, later member of the CPSU Politburo and close associate of Joseph Stalin. Ordzhonikidze, Stalin and Anastas Mikoyan comprised what was jokingly referred to as the "Caucasian Clique."
Feb 19 Horacio Quiroga an Uruguayan playwright, poet, and short story writer.
Feb 23 Claude Buckenham a cricketer who played for Essex and England.
Feb 23 Leopold Julian Kronenberg a Polish banker.
Feb 24 Ernest Webb a British athlete who competed mainly in the 10 mile walk.
Feb 24 Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipsky a Ukrainian scientist, botanist; a member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and the Director of the Botanical Gardens of the Odessa University.
Feb 24 Desta Damtew an Ethiopian noble, an army commander, and a son-in-law of Emperor Haile Selassie I.
Feb 26 Oleksander Osetsky a Ukrainian military officer. He was a general in the army of the Ukrainian People's Republic
Feb 27 Emily Malbone Morgan a prominent social and religious leader in the Episcopal Church in the United States who helped found the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross as well as the Colonel Daniel Putnam Association.
Mar 1 Yehuda Pen a Litvak artist-painter, a teacher and an outstanding figure of the Jewish Renaissance in the Russian and Belarusian art of the beginning of 20th century. Pen was, arguably, the most significant Jewish painter in the Russian Empire, whose achievement parallels the contribution of Mark Antokolski to sculpture