Died in 1951

Jan 1 Frank Scott Hogg born to James Scott Hogg and Ida Barberon in Preston, Ontario.
Jan 2 William Campion a British politician and Governor of Western Australia from 1924 to 1931.
Jan 3 Iosif Langbard a Soviet Belarus architect and Honored Artist of the Byelorussian SSR.
Jan 5 Kim Dong-in a Korean writer.
Jan 5 Andrei Platonov the pen name of Andrei Platonovich Klimentov , a Soviet author whose works anticipate existentialism. Although Platonov was a Communist, his works were banned in his own lifetime for their skeptical attitude toward collectivization and other Stalinist policies. His famous works include the novels The Foundation Pit and Chevengur
Jan 5 Seo Jae-pil the anglicized name used by Seo Jae-pil, a noted champion for Korea's independence, journalist, the first Korean to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, and the founder of the first Korean newspaper in Hangul, the Independent News.
Jan 6 William Seiling an American tug of war athlete who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics.
Jan 7 René Guénon a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, having written on topics ranging from metaphysics, "sacred science" and traditional studies to symbolism and initiation.
Jan 10 Sinclair Lewis an American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright. In 1930, he became the first writer from the United States to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, which was awarded "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters." His works are known for their insightful and critical views of American capitalism and materialism between the wars. He is also respected for his strong characterizations of modern working women. H.L. Mencken wrote of him, " there was ever a novelist among us with an authentic call to the trade... it is this red-haired tornado from the Minnesota wilds."
Jan 10 Yoshio Nishina a Japanese physicist. He was called "the founding father of modern physics research in Japan"
Jan 12 Albert Guay a resident of Quebec City, Canada, who was responsible for the in-flight bombing of a passenger flight on 9 September 1949, killing all aboard, including his wife Rita , the intended victim.
Jan 13 Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who served as Secretary of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, Vicar General of Rome, Secretary of the Holy Office, and Dean of the College of Cardinals. He was elevated to the cardinalate in 1930
Jan 13 Dorothea Bate a British palaeontologist, a pioneer of archaeozoology. Her life's work was to find fossils of recently extinct mammals with a view to understanding how and why giant and dwarf forms evolved
Jan 14 Gregorios Xenopoulos a novelist, journalist and writer of plays from Zakynthos. He was lead editor in the now-legendary magazine "The Education of Children" during the period from 1896 to 1948, during which time he was also the magazine's main author. His was the trademark signature "Σας ασπάζομαι, Φαίδων" ", which he used in letters ostensibly addressed to the magazine. He was also the founder and editor of the Nea Estia magazine, which is still published. He became a member of the Academy of Athens in 1931, and founded the Society of Greek Writers together with Kostis Palamas, Angelos Sikelianos and Nikos Kazantzakis
Jan 14 Nikita Izotov sometimes referred to as the "First Stakhanovite," because he was the first Soviet worker singled out by the press for a superhuman act of labor. In his case, he was praised for having mined far more coal than anyone else—dozens of times the quota
Jan 15 Nikolai Vekšin an Estonian sailor who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics.
Jan 15 Léon Gérin a Canadian lawyer, civil servant, and sociologist.
Jan 17 Jyoti Prasad Agarwala a noted Assamese playwright, songwriter, poet, writer and film maker from Assam. He was considered as Assamese cultural icon, deeply revered for his creative vision and output and is popularly called the Rupkonwar of Assamese culture. In fact, he is regarded as the founder of Assamese cinema for Joymati. His death anniversary is celebrated as Silpi divas in his honor
Jan 18 Amy Carmichael a Protestant Christian missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur. She served in India for 55 years without furlough and wrote many books about the missionary work there
Jan 20 Alexander Chuhaldin a Russian violinist, conductor, composer, and music educator who later emigrated to Canada. He spent his early career working in his native country but after 1927 he was active in Canada. His compositional output includes over 30 works for string orchestra; many of which were published by Carl Fischer Music. He also composed five pieces for solo violin which were published by Paling & Co in Australia and more recently by Thompson Publishing Group in Canada
Jan 20 Anastasio Alfaro a Costa Rican zoologist, geologist and explorer.
Jan 20 Jesse More Greenman an American botanist. He specialized in tropical flora, with emphasis on plants from Mexico and Central America. He was an authority on the genus Senecio and noted for his work at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Jan 21 Yuriko Miyamoto a Japanese novelist active during the Taishō and early Shōwa periods of Japan. Her maiden name was Chūjō 中條 Yuriko
Jan 21 Princess Hélène of Orléans a member of the deposed Orléans royal family of France and, by marriage to the head of a cadet branch of the Italian royal family, the Duchess of Aosta. Although her hand in marriage was sought for the heirs to the thrones of both the United Kingdom and the Russian Empire, religious differences prevented either alliance
Jan 22 Karl Nessler the inventor of the permanent wave.
Jan 22 Harald Bohr a Danish mathematician and football player. After receiving his doctorate in 1910, Bohr became an eminent mathematician, founding the field of almost periodic functions. His brother was the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr. He was a member of the Danish national football team for the 1908 Summer Olympics, where he won a silver medal
Jan 22 Lawson Robertson born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a member of and trainer for the Irish American Athletic Club, and competed for the U.S. Olympic Team at the 1904 Summer Olympics in Louis, at the 1906 Intercalated Games in Athens, and at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London
Jan 24 Eugen Meindl a highly decorated German Fallschirmjäger and general during World War He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grade Oak Leaves and Swords was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership
Jan 24 Ignaty Krachkovsky a Russian and Soviet Arabist, academician of the Russian Academy of Science.
Jan 25 Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov a Soviet physicist, the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences from July 1945 until his death. His elder brother Nikolai Vavilov was a famous Russian geneticist
Jan 27 Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim a Finnish military leader and statesman. Mannerheim served as the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War, Regent of Finland , commander-in-chief of Finland's defence forces during World War II, Marshal of Finland, and the sixth president of Finland. In a Finnish survey 53 years after his death, Mannerheim was voted the greatest Finn of all time. Given the broad recognition in Finland and elsewhere of his unparalleled role in establishing and later preserving Finland's independence from Russia, Mannerheim has long been referred to as the father of modern Finland, and the Finnish capital Helsinki's Mannerheim Museum memorializing the leader's life and times has been called "the closest thing there is to a national shrine."
Jan 27 Julius Brutzkus a Lithuanian Jewish historian, scholar, and politician.
Jan 29 Frank Tarrant an Australian all-rounder who played with great success for Middlesex in the County Championship in the years before World War I.
Jan 30 Ferdinand Porsche an automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company. He is best known for creating the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle , the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, several other important developments and Porsche automobiles. In addition, Porsche designed the 1923 Benz Tropfenwagen, which was the first racing car with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout
Jan 31 Fei Mu a major Chinese film director from the pre-Communist era.
Jan 31 Kim Chaek a North Korean general and politician.
Feb 2 Ivan Doronin a Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union.
Feb 3 Zaifeng Prince Chun formally Prince Chun of the First Rank or simply Prince Chun, ruled China from 1908 to 1911 as Prince-Regent for Emperor Puyi. Zaifeng was a member of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and was the father of Puyi, the last Qing dynast. They were overthrown by the Chinese Revolution. Zaifeng was a younger brother of Puyi's predecessor, the Guangxu Emperor, and a grandson of the emperor Daoguang
Feb 3 Fréhel a French singer and actress.
Feb 3 August Horch a German engineer and automobile pioneer, the founder of the manufacturing giant which would eventually become Audi.
Feb 3 Choudhry Rahmat Ali a Pakistani Muslim nationalist who was one of the earliest proponents of the creation of the state of Pakistan. He is credited with creating the name "Pakistan" for a separate Muslim homeland in South Asia and is generally known as the founder of the movement for its creation. He is best known as the author of a famous 1933 pamphlet titled "Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever", also known as the Pakistan Declaration. The pamphlet started with a famous statement:
Feb 6 Gabby Street an American catcher, manager, coach, and radio broadcaster in Major League Baseball during the first half of the 20th century. As a catcher, he participated in one of the most publicized baseball stunts of the century's first decade. As a manager, he led the Louis Cardinals to two National League championships and one world title. And as a broadcaster, he entertained Louis baseball fans in the years following World War II
Feb 8 Fritz Thyssen a German businessman born into one of Germany's leading industrial families.
Feb 9 Eddy Duchin a popular American pianist and bandleader of the 1930s and 1940s, famous for his engaging onstage personality, his elegant piano style, and his fight against leukemia.
Feb 12 Claes Wersäll a Swedish gymnast who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.
Feb 13 Lloyd C. Douglas an American minister and author. He was born in Columbia City, Indiana, spent part of his boyhood in Monroeville, Indiana, Wilmot, Indiana and Florence, Kentucky, where his father, Alexander Jackson Douglas, was pastor of the Hopeful Lutheran Church. According to the 1910 Census Douglas was listed as a Lutheran Clergyman. He was married to Bessie Porch. They had two children: Bessie Douglas, 4 at the time and Virginia V Douglas, 2 at the time. They employed a cook, Josephine Somach. He died in Los Angeles, California
Feb 19 André Gide a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947 "for his comprehensive and artistically significant writings, in which human problems and conditions have been presented with a fearless love of truth and keen psychological insight". Gide's career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars
Feb 20 Howard Brockway an American composer.
Feb 20 Sir Charles Fergusson 7th Baronet a British Army officer and the third Governor-General of New Zealand.
Feb 24 Charles Forsyth a British water polo player who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.