Died in 1953

Jan 1 Maksim Purkayev a Soviet military leader, reaching service rank of Army General.
Jan 1 Hank Williams an American singer-songwriter and musician. Regarded as one of the most significant and influential singers and songwriters of the 20th Century, Williams recorded 35 singles that would place in the Top 10 of the Billboard Country & Western Best Sellers chart, including 11 that ranked number one
Jan 1 Ludomir Różycki a Polish composer and conductor. He was, with Mieczysław Karłowicz, Karol Szymanowski and Grzegorz Fitelberg, a member of the group of composers known as Young Poland, the intention of which was to invigorate the musical culture of their generation in their mother country
Jan 2 Guccio Gucci an Italian businessman and fashion designer, the founder of The House of Gucci.
Jan 4 Konstantin Koroteev Apollonovich Koroteev , a Soviet military officer, colonel-general , recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Jan 6 Ariy Pazovsky a Russian Jewish conductor.
Jan 8 Hugh Binney a senior officer in the Royal Navy and Governor of Tasmania from 1945 to 1951.
Jan 11 Ernst Herman van Rappard a Dutch National Socialist and anti-Semite. After leading his own failed Nazi movement van Rappard enlisted in the Schutzstaffel and saw active service in the Second World War
Jan 11 Hans Aanrud a Norwegian author. He wrote plays, poetry, and stories depicting rural life in his native Gudbrandsdal, Norway
Jan 11 Noe Zhordania a Georgian journalist and Menshevik politician. He played an eminent role in the Social Democratic revolutionary movement in Imperial Russia, and later chaired the government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia from July 24, 1918 until March 18, 1921, when the Bolshevik Soviet Russian Red Army invasion of Georgia forced him into exile to France. There Zhordania led the government-in-exile until his death in 1953
Jan 13 Alfred Laliberté a Canadian sculptor and painter based in Montreal. His output includes more than 900 sculptures in bronze, marble, wood, and plaster. Many of his sculptures depict national figures and events in Canada and France such as Louis Hebert, François-Xavier-Antoine Labelle, Adam Dollard des Ormeaux, and the Lower Canada Rebellion. Although he produced hundreds of paintings as well, he is chiefly remembered for his work as a sculptor
Jan 13 Paul Niggli a Swiss crystallographer who was a leader in the field of X-ray crystallography.
Jan 16 Artur Śliwiński the Prime Minister of Poland from 28 June – 7 July 1922. In 1915 he had presided over the National Central Committee, which sought Polish independence from Russia
Jan 17 Thomas Jaggar an American volcanologist. He founded the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and directed it from 1912 to 1940
Jan 20 Bolesław Kontrym a Polish Army officer, a Home Army soldier, participant in the Warsaw Uprising and organizer of underground secret-police force Cichociemni. After the war, he was executed for anti-Communist activities by the Polish security apparatus probably on 2 or 20 January 1953
Jan 23 Jérôme Tharaud a French writer. He was elected the fifteenth occupant of Académie française seat 31 in 1938
Jan 25 Walter B. Pitkin an American lecturer in philosophy and psychology at Columbia University , and professor in the Columbia University School of Journalism. He has written some self-help books like Life Begins at Forty and The Psychology of Happiness. His A Short Introduction to the History of Human Stupidity was translated into fifteen languages. Pitkin was a member of the New Realism school in philosophy, writing on its relation to biology
Jan 26 Martinus Nijhoff a Dutch poet and essayist. He studied literature in Amsterdam and law in Utrecht. His debut was made in 1916 with his volume De wandelaar. From that moment he gradually expanded his reputation by his unique style of poetry: not experimental, like Paul Van Ostaijen, yet distinguished by the clarity of his language combined with mystical content. He was a literary craftsman who employed skilfully various verse forms from different literary epochs
Jan 26 Athanase David a Canadian lawyer, politician, and businessman. He is son of Laurent-Olivier David, also a Canadian journalist, lawyer, and politician, and the father of cardiologist and senator Paul David
Jan 27 Leonty Ramensky a Russian plant ecologist who conceived several important ideas that were overlooked in the West and later ’re-invented’ by western scientists.
Jan 28 James Scullin an Australian Labor Party politician and the ninth Prime Minister of Australia. Scullin led Labor to government at the 1929 election. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 transpired just two days after his swearing in, which would herald the beginning of the Great Depression in Australia. Already in a weak political position, the economic crisis would prove overwhelming for Scullin, with interpersonal and policy disagreements causing a three-way split of his party that would bring down the government in late 1931. Despite his chaotic term of office, Scullin remained a leading figure in the Labor movement throughout his lifetime, and served as an éminence grise in various capacities for the party until his retirement in 1949
Jan 30 Ernest Augustus Duke of Brunswick a grandson of George V of Hanover, whom the Prussians deposed in 1866.
Feb 1 Lorenz Müller a German herpetologist.
Feb 1 Vsevolod Zaderatsky a Russian and Ukrainian composer and pianist who was blacklisted for most of his life. His son, Vsevolod Vsevolodovich Zaderatsky , is a professor of the Moscow Conservatory
Feb 4 Antonio Conte (fencer) an Italian fencer who competed in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Feb 5 Iuliu Maniu a Romanian politician. A leader of the National Party of Transylvania and Banat before and after World War I, he served as Prime Minister of Romania for three terms during 1928–1933, and, with Ion Mihalache, co-founded the National Peasants' Party
Feb 6 Richard Boyle (rower) a British rower who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.
Feb 7 Wilder Dwight Bancroft an American physical chemist.
Feb 9 Cecil Hepworth a British film director, producer and screenwriter. He was among the founders of the British film industry and continued making films into the 1920s at his Walton Studios. In 1923 his company went into receivership
Feb 9 Charlie Spencer an English footballer and manager.
Feb 12 Uroš Predić one of the greatest Serbian Realist painters, along with Paja Jovanović and Đorđe Krstić. Predić is perhaps best known for his monumental historical painting, Kosovo Maiden, as well as his many portraits
Feb 12 Gustav Kafka an Austrian philosopher, psychologist.
Feb 13 Lev Mekhlis a Soviet politician.
Feb 15 Karl Staaf a Swedish track and field athlete and tug of war competitor who competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics. He was born in Stockholm
Feb 15 Oskar Goßler a German rower who competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics.
Feb 17 Pyotr Shirshov a Russian Soviet oceanographer, hydrobiologist, polar explorer, statesman, academician , and Hero of the Soviet Union.
Feb 19 Nobutake Kondō an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War As commander of IJN 2nd Fleet, the Navy's principal detached force for independent operations, Kondō was regarded as second in importance only to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.
Feb 20 Francesco Saverio Nitti an Italian economist and political figure. A Radical, he served as the 36th Prime Minister of Italy between 1919 and 1920
Feb 20 Vydūnas a Prussian-Lithuanian teacher, poet, humanist, philosopher and Lithuanian writer and philosopher, a leader of the Prussian Lithuanian national movement in Lithuania Minor, and one of leaders of the theosophical movement in East Prussia.
Feb 21 Ekvtime Takaishvili a Georgian historian, archaeologist and public benefactor.
Feb 24 Douglas Houghton Campbell an American botanist and university professor.:48 He was one of the 15 founding professors at Stanford University. His death was described as "the end of an era of a group of great plant morphologists."
Feb 24 Gerd von Rundstedt a German Field Marshal during World War II.
Feb 24 Emil August Fieldorf a Polish Brigadier General. He was Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Home Army or AK, after the failure of the Warsaw Uprising. Fieldorf was executed in 1953 by the People's Republic of Poland
Feb 25 Edgar S. Brightman a philosopher and Christian theologian in the Methodist tradition, associated with Boston University and liberal theology, and promulgated the philosophy known as Boston personalism. He was president of the American Academy of Religion in 1942-1943
Feb 25 Princess Françoise of Orléans (1902–1953) born a Princess of Orléans and was a Princess of Greece and Denmark by marriage. She was thus a member of the Greek royal family. She was a descendent of Louis-Philippe of France
Feb 25 Sergei Winogradsky a Ukrainian-Russian microbiologist, ecologist and soil scientist who pioneered the cycle of life concept.
Feb 28 Constance Wilson-Samuel a Canadian figure skater. Competing in ladies' singles, she became the 1932 World bronze medalist, a four-time North American champion, and a nine-time Canadian national champion. She competed at two Olympics, placing sixth in 1928 and fourth in 1932
Feb 28 Hellmuth Becker a SS-Brigadeführer and Generalmajor der Waffen-SS who was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. He was also the commander of the 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf
Mar 1 Alexander Ostuzhev a Russian and Soviet drama actor. Ostuzhev became the lead actor of the Maly Theatre company in Moscow in 1898
Mar 2 James Lightbody an American middle distance runner, winner of six Olympic medals in the early 20th century.