Died in 1984

Jan 1 Zdravko Milev a Bulgarian chess International Master.
Jan 1 Augustin Souchy a German anarchist, antimilitarist, labor union official and journalist. He traveled widely and wrote extensively about the Spanish Civil War and intentional communities. He was born in Ratibor, Germany
Jan 1 Alexis Korner a British blues musician and radio broadcaster, who has sometimes been referred to as "a founding father of British blues". A major influence on the sound of the British music scene in the 1960s, Korner was instrumental in bringing together various English blues musicians
Jan 2 Klaus Mehnert a globetrotting German political scientist and a journalist. As a scholar, he was a prolific author; as a journalist, he practiced in the USSR as a correspondent, in China as a publisher, and in Germany. He was a professor at two American universities before World War In the late 1970s he authored several books on recent youth led political movements in various Western countries
Jan 2 Yevgeny Krinov a Soviet Russian astronomer and geologist, born in Otyassakh in the Tambov region of the Russian Empire. Krinov was a renowned meteorite researcher; the mineral Krinovite, discovered in 1966, was named after him
Jan 2 Roberto Porta Uruguayan footballer.
Jan 5 Dmitri Vasilyev (director) a Soviet film director. He directed in 9 films between 1931 and 1960
Jan 6 Ernest Laszlo a Hungarian-American cinematographer for over 60 films, and was known for his frequent collaborations with directors Robert Aldrich and Stanley Kramer. He was a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, and was its president from 1972 to 1974
Jan 6 Hermann Engelhard a German middle-distance runner who won a bronze medal in the 800 meters at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. He also helped the German team of Otto Neumann, Harry Werner Storz and Richard Krebs to win the silver medal in the 4×400 m relay
Jan 7 Karl Gustav Fellerer a German musicologist. His works include more than 600 scientific publications on catholic church music, Italian music from 1600 to the beginning of the 20th century, and music history of the 19th century. He wrote monographs on Palestrina, Handel, Mozart, and Max Bruch and was editor of several musical journals. He published the Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch for 46 years, from 1930 until 1976. Fellerer was president of several musicology societies, including 16 years of the Joseph Haas Society
Jan 7 Alfred Kastler a French physicist, and Nobel Prize laureate.
Jan 8 Baba Sali a leading Moroccan Sephardic rabbi and kabbalist who was renowned for his alleged ability to work miracles through his prayers. His burial place in Netivot, Israel has become a shrine for prayers and petitioners
Jan 9 Deighton Lisle Ward Sir Deighton Harcourt Lisle Ward, GCMG, GCVO, graduated from Harrison College in Bridgetown. In 1958, he was one of the candidates of the Barbados Labour Party when they won four of the five seats in the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament. He was a Freemason and also President of the Barbados Football Association. The first native Governor-General, Sir Arleigh Winston Scott, took office in 1967 after Barbados independence was granted in 1966. Ten years later, Sir Scott died in office and on 17 November 1976 Sir Deighton Ward was sworn in as Governor-General. The Governor-General of Barbados is the domestic representative appointed by the Queen of Barbados. The Queen of Barbados is also the head of state for fifteen states in the Commonwealth Nations which were former colonies of Britain. Deighton Ward was the Governor-General of Barbados from 1976 until 1984 when he died in office. He was a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order and Knight Grand Cross of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George
Jan 10 Thoralf Strømstad a Norwegian Nordic skier who was awarded the Holmenkollen medal in 1923. Strømstad also earned silvers at the 1924 Winter Olympics both in 50 km cross country skiing and in the Nordic combined
Jan 10 Souvanna Phouma the leader of the neutralist faction and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Laos several times from 1951–1954, 1956–1958, 1960 and 1962–1975.
Jan 10 Toivo Loukola a Finnish athlete, winner of 3000 m steeplechase at the 1928 Summer Olympics.
Jan 11 Erik Stensiö a Swedish paleozoologist.
Jan 11 James L. Holloway Jr. a four-star admiral in the United States Navy who served as superintendent of the United States Naval Academy from 1947–1950; as chief of naval personnel from 1953–1957; and as commander in chief of all United States naval forces in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean from 1957–1959, in which capacity he commanded the 1958 American intervention in Lebanon. As founder of the Holloway Plan, he was responsible for creating the modern Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Jan 13 Fulvio Bernardini an Italian footballer and coach.
Jan 13 Leon Jucewicz a Polish speed skater who competed in the 1924 Winter Olympics.
Jan 14 Paul Ben-Haim an Israeli composer. Born Paul Frankenburger in Munich, Germany, he studied composition with Friedrich Klose and he was assistant conductor to Bruno Walter and Hans Knappertsbusch from 1920 to 1924. He served as conductor at Augsburg from 1924 to 1931, and afterwards devoted himself to teaching and composition, including teaching at the Shulamit Conservatory
Jan 14 Ray Kroc an American businessman of Czech origin. He joined McDonald's in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world. Kroc was included in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century, and amassed a fortune during his lifetime. He owned the San Diego Padres baseball team from 1974 until his death in 1984. Similar to another fast-food giant, KFC founder Harland Sanders, Kroc's success came late in life when he was past his 50th birthday
Jan 15 Fazıl Küçük the first Vice President of the Republic of Cyprus.
Jan 16 Nikolai Nikolaevich Yanenko a Soviet mathematician and academician. He was known for his contributions to computational mathematics and fluid mechanics. He served as Director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Jan 16 Józef Nowak a Polish actor. He appeared in more than 50 films and television shows between 1951 and 1980
Jan 17 Marie Hall Ets an American writer and illustrator best known for children's picture books. She attended Lawrence College, and in 1918, Ets journeyed to Chicago where she became a social worker at the Chicago Commons, a settlement house on the northwest side of the city. In 1960 she won the annual Caldecott Medal for her illustrations of Nine Days to Christmas, whose text she wrote with Aurora Labastida. She died in 1984. Just Me and In the Forest are both Caldecott Honor books. The black-and-white charcoal illustrations in Just Me "almost take on the appearance of woodcuts" and are similar in style to the illustrations in In the Forest. Constantine Georgiou comments in Children and Their Literature that Ets' "picture stories and easy-to-read books" "are filled with endearing and quaint human touches, putting them at precisely the right angle to life in early childhood." Play With Me, says Georgiou, is "a tender little tale, delicately illustrated in fragile pastels that echo the quiet mood of the story."
Jan 17 George Rigaud an Argentine film actor. He appeared in 194 films between 1932 and 1981
Jan 17 Kostas Giannidis a Greek composer, pianist and conductor.
Jan 18 Panteleimon Ponomarenko a general in the Red Army before becoming a Soviet administrator in Belarus and then Kazakhstan. He was born in Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Jan 18 Vassilis Tsitsanis a Greek songwriter and bouzouki player. He became one of the leading Greek composers of his time and is widely regarded as one of the founders of modern Rebetika. Tsitsanis wrote more than 500 songs and is still remembered as an extraordinary bouzouki player
Jan 19 Max Bentley a Canadian ice hockey forward who played for the Chicago Black Hawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and New York Rangers in the National Hockey League as part of a professional and senior career that spanned 20 years. He was a two-time Art Ross Trophy winner as the NHL's leading scorer, and in 1946 won the Hart Trophy as most valuable player. He played in four All-Star Games and was twice named to a post-season All-Star team
Jan 19 Wolfgang Staudte a German film director, script writer and actor. He was born in Saarbrücken
Jan 20 Charles Greville 7th Earl of Warwick a British peer and the last Earl of Warwick to live at the family seat Warwick Castle before its sale in 1978. He became the first British aristocrat to star in a Hollywood movie, and was later nicknamed The Duke of Hollywood by the local press
Jan 20 Johnny Weissmuller an Austro-Hungarian-American competition swimmer and actor best known for playing Tarzan in films of the 1930s and 1940s and for having one of the best competitive swimming records of the 20th century. Weissmuller was one of the world's fastest swimmers in the 1920s, winning five Olympic gold medals for swimming and one bronze medal for water polo. He won fifty-two US National Championships, set more than fifty world records, both in freestyle and backstroke, and was purportedly undefeated in official competition for the entirety of his competitive career. After retiring from competitions, he became the sixth actor to portray Edgar Rice Burroughs's ape man, Tarzan, a role he played in twelve motion pictures. Dozens of other actors have also played Tarzan, but Weissmuller is by far the best known. His character's distinctive Tarzan yell is still often used in films
Jan 21 Alan Marshall (Australian author) an Australian writer, story teller, humanist and social documenter.
Jan 21 Giannis Skarimpas a Greek writer, dramatist, and poet.
Jan 21 Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory an Ulster-born immigrant to the United States. She became a Roman Catholic Religious Sister who worked as an advocate for the impoverished elderly, founding a new religious congregation for this purpose, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. Her cause for canonization has been opened, and her life has been acknowledged by the Holy See as one of heroic virtue
Jan 21 Jackie Wilson an American singer and performer. Known as "Mr. Excitement", Wilson was important in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul. He was considered a master showman, and one of the most dynamic and influential singers and performers in R&B and rock 'n' roll history. Gaining fame in his early years as a member of the R&B vocal group Billy Ward and His Dominoes, he went solo in 1957 and recorded over 50 hit singles that spanned R&B, pop, soul, doo-wop and easy listening.This included 16 R&B Top 10 Hits , including 6 R&B # 1's. On the Billboard Hot 100, he scored 14 Top 20 Pop Hits,6 of which made it into the Pop Top 10. During a 1975 benefit concert, he collapsed on stage from a heart attack and subsequently fell into a coma that persisted for nearly nine years until his death in 1984, at the age of 49. By this time, he had become one of the most influential artists of his generation
Jan 21 Roger Blin a French actor and director notable for staging world premieres of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot in 1953 and Endgame in 1957.
Jan 22 Chaïm Perelman a Polish-born philosopher of law, who studied, taught, and lived most of his life in Brussels. He was among the most important argumentation theorists of the twentieth century. His chief work is the Traité de l'argumentation – la nouvelle rhétorique , with Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca, translated into English as The New Rhetoric: A Treatise on Argumentation, by John Wilkinson and Purcell Weaver
Jan 22 Campanal I a Spanish association footballer. During his career he played for Sporting de Gijón and Sevilla FC , and earned 3 caps and scored 2 goals for the Spain national football team, and participated in the 1934 FIFA World Cup
Jan 22 Mikiel Gonzi Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Malta. He had also been Bishop of Gozo and an elected Labour Senator in the Malta Legislative Assembly
Jan 23 Dean Goffin one of New Zealand's first prolific Salvation Army composers who composed not only music for the Army but for non-Army bands as well.
Jan 23 Muin Bseiso a Palestinian poet who lived in Egypt, where he first entered the world of poetry. He finished his primary and secondary education in Gaza in 1948. He started publishing his work in the Jaffa-based magazin Al-Hurriya , where he published his first poems in 1946. Two years later, in 1948, he enrolled in the American University in Cairo and subsequently graduated in 1952. His dissertation was titled "The Spoken or Head Word in Lower Eastern Broadcast Media", discussing the borders between the radio and the tv on one hand and the printed newspaper media on the other hand. He became involved with democratic and national work early on in his life and later dedicated himself to poetry and teaching. On January 27, 1952 he published his first work titled Al-Ma'raka. Imprisoned in Egyptian jails twice: 1955 to 1957 and 1959 to 1963. He died due to heart failure in London in 1984
Jan 23 Samuel Gardner an American composer and violinist of Russian origin. He won a Pulitzer prize with a string quartet in 1918. He was a student of Franz Kneisel and Percy Goetschius, and began his career as a concert violinist; among his compositions is a violin concerto. He wrote a number of other chamber works, and a handful of things for orchestra, including Broadway, which was performed by the Boston Symphony in the 1929-30 season
Jan 26 Gary Gabelich an American motorsport driver who set the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Land Speed Record with the rocket car Blue Flame on October 23, 1970, on a dry lake bed at Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah.
Jan 30 Lee McCall a member of the Stander Gang, a group of three escaped convicts who went on a bank robbing spree in South Africa from October 1983 until February 1984. The group was named for Andre Stander, who gained fame for having been a Captain of Detectives in the Johannesburg Police when he started his individual crime spree before being arrested. The third member was Allan Heyl
Jan 30 Luke Kelly an Irish singer and folk musician from Dublin, Ireland, notable as a founding member of the band The Dubliners. He is often considered Ireland's greatest folk singer
Feb 2 Karel Kolský a Czech football player and later a football manager. He played for Czechoslovakia, for which he played 13 matches
Feb 4 Patrick Nagel an American artist. He created popular illustrations on board, paper, and canvas, most of which emphasize the simple grace and beauty of the female form, in a distinctive style descended from Art Deco. He is best known for his illustrations for Playboy magazine and the pop group Duran Duran, for whom he designed the cover of the best selling album Rio