Died in 1985

Jan 1 Sigerson Clifford an Irish poet, playwright and civil servant.
Jan 2 Gabriel Elorde a Filipino professional boxer. He was born and raised in the town of Bogo, Cebu
Jan 2 Clarence John Laughlin an American photographer best known for his surrealist photographs of the U.S. South
Jan 3 Lucien Cailliet a French-American composer, conductor, arranger and clarinetist.
Jan 3 Tadeusz Pełczyński a Polish Army major general , intelligence officer and chief of the General Staff's Section II.
Jan 4 Brian Horrocks a British Army officer. He is chiefly remembered as the commander of XXX Corps in Operation Market Garden and other operations during the Second World War. He also served in the First World War and the Russian Civil War, was a prisoner of war twice, and competed in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Later he was a television presenter, authored books on military history, and was Black Rod in the House of Lords for 14 years
Jan 4 Lovro von Matačić a Croatian conductor and composer.
Jan 4 Harry Haywood a leading figure in both the Communist Party of the United States and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. His goal was to connect the political philosophy of the Communist Party with the issues of race. In 1926, he joined other African-American Communists and travelled to the Soviet Union to study the effect of Communism on racial issues found in the United States. His work there resulted in his selection to be the head of the Communist Party's Negro Department. The party platform changed by the late 1930s and began to stray away from advocating for African-American self-determination. As the party's platform changed over time, Haywood lost his stance within the party. His work also included creating a group to help the Scottsboro boys case. Haywood was also an author. His first book was Negro Liberation, published in 1948. After he was expelled from his affiliating party, he wrote an autobiography called Black Bolshevik, which was also published in 1978. He contributed major theory to Marxist thinking on the national question of African Americans in the United States. He was also a founder of the Maoist New Communist Movement
Jan 5 Alexis Rannit an Estonian poet, critic and literature researcher.
Jan 5 Robert L. Surtees an American cinematographer who won Academy Awards three times, for the films King Solomon's Mines, The Bad and the Beautiful and the 1959 version of Ben Hur.
Jan 6 Vladimir Kokkinaki a test pilot in the Soviet Union, notable for setting twenty-two world records and serving as president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.
Jan 7 Mary Hardy (comedian) an Australian television and radio presenter, actor and comedian. She was best known for her caustic wit, indifference to authority and tireless ability to ad lib
Jan 7 Jules Vandooren a French footballer.
Jan 8 Eva Bowring a U.S. Senator from Nebraska. Bowring was born in Nevada, Missouri. In 1928, she married Arthur Bowring. They made their home at the Bowring Ranch near Merriman in Cherry County, Nebraska
Jan 8 Vladimir Maneyev a Russian wrestler who competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics.
Jan 9 Robert Mayer (philanthropist) a German-born philanthropist, businessman, and a major supporter of music and young musicians.
Jan 10 Anton Karas a Viennese zither player and composer, best known for his internationally famous 1948 soundtrack to Carol Reed's The Third Man, which came about as a result of a chance meeting.
Jan 11 Edward Buzzell an American film director whose credits include Child of Manhattan for Columbia Pictures, and for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Honolulu , the Marx Brothers films At the Circus and Go West , the musicals Best Foot Forward with Lucille Ball, Song of the Thin Man with Myrna Loy, and Neptune's Daughter with Esther Williams, and Easy to Wed, starring Van Johnson, Williams, and Ball.
Jan 11 William McKell Premier of New South Wales from 1941 to 1947, and was the 12th Governor-General of Australia from 1947 to 1953. He was the longest-lived Governor-General, aged 93 when he died
Jan 13 Carol Wayne an American television and film actress. She was best known for her many appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson as the Matinée Lady
Jan 14 Jetta Goudal a Dutch-born American actress, successful in Hollywood films of the silent film era.
Jan 14 Allan Shivers a Texas politician who led the conservative faction of the Texas Democratic Party during the turbulent 1940s and 1950s. Shivers also developed the lieutenant governor's post into an extremely powerful perch in state government
Jan 15 Martin Dzúr a Slovak military officer and a communist politician, who served as defense minister from 1968 to 1985.
Jan 16 Ruth Orkin an American photographer and filmmaker.
Jan 16 Árpád Szenes a Hungarian-Jewish abstract painter who worked in France.
Jan 16 Robert Fitzgerald a poet, critic and translator whose renderings of the Greek classics "became standard works for a generation of scholars and students." He was best known as a translator of ancient Greek and Latin. In addition, he also composed several books of his own poetry
Jan 18 Mordechai Bentov an Israeli journalist and politician, and was one of the signatories of the Israeli declaration of independence.
Jan 18 Wilfrid Brambell an Irish film and television actor best known for his role in the British television series Steptoe and Son. He also performed alongside the Beatles in their film A Hard Day's Night, playing Paul McCartney's fictional grandfather
Jan 19 Juan Antonio Corretjer a poet, journalist and pro-independence political activist opposing United States rule in Puerto Rico.
Jan 19 Svein Rosseland a Norwegian astrophysicist and a pioneer in the field of theoretical astrophysics.
Jan 20 Thomas Balogh Baron Balogh a British economist and member of the House of Lords.
Jan 21 Eddie Graham an American professional wrestler. He was also the promoter and booker for Championship Wrestling from Florida and President of the NWA in the 1970s. His son, Mike Graham, was also a professional wrestler. Eddie Graham was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jan 21 James Beard an American cookbook author, teacher, syndicated columnist and television personality. Beard was a champion of American cuisine who taught and mentored generations of professional chefs and food enthusiasts. His legacy lives on in twenty books, other writings and his foundation's annual James Beard awards in a number of culinary genres
Jan 21 Yusuf Lule provisional president of Uganda between 13 April and 20 June 1979. His name is sometimes spelled Yusufu
Jan 22 Paul Harteck a German physical chemist. He was arrested by the allied British and American Armed Forces and incarcerated at Farm Hall for six months in 1945 under Operation Epsilon
Jan 22 Arthur Bryant an English historian, columnist for the Illustrated London News and man of affairs. His books included studies of Samuel Pepys, accounts of English eighteenth- and nineteenth-century history, and a life of George Whilst his scholarly reputation has declined somewhat since his death, he continues to be read and to be the subject of detailed historical studies. He moved in high government circles and his books were devoured by the ruling elite; he was the favourite historian of at least three prime ministers: Churchill, Attlee, and Wilson
Jan 22 Mikhail Gromov (military) a famous Russian aviator and Hero of the Soviet Union.
Jan 23 Batir Zakirov considered to be the founder of Uzbek pop music. He was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR at age 29
Jan 23 Vladimir Vetrov a high-ranking KGB spy during the Cold War, who decided to covertly release valuable information to France and NATO on the Soviet Union's clandestine program aimed at stealing technology from the West.
Jan 24 Pyotr Suvchinsky a Ukrainian artistic patron and writer on music. The heir to a sugar fortune, he took piano lessons from Felix Blumenthal and initially hoped to become an operatic tenor. He was the patron and co-publisher of the Saint Petersburg musical journal Muzikalniy sovremennik founded in 1915. He was a friend of Nikolai Myaskovsky, Sergei Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky, and was the real author of the book La poétique musicale, published as by Stravinsky. Suvchinsky emigrated from Russia in 1922 and lived in Berlin and Sofia, where he founded the Russian-Bulgarian Publishing House; then in Paris, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was still active in musical circles and a champion of the music of Olivier Messiaen and Pierre Boulez in the post-war period; he was a co-founder, with Boulez and Jean-Louis Barrault, of the Domaine musical concert series
Jan 25 Yevgeny Maskinskov a Soviet athlete who competed mainly in the 50 kilometre walk. He trained at the Armed Forces sports society in Saransk
Jan 25 Ilias Iliou a Greek lawyer and politician, member of the Greek Parliament and leader of the United Democratic Left. He was also a distinguished writer and jurist
Jan 26 Kenny Clarke a jazz drummer and bandleader. He was a major innovator of the bebop style of drumming. As the house drummer at Minton's Playhouse in the early 1940s, he participated in the after hours jams that led to the birth of Be-Bop, which in turn led to modern jazz. While in New York, he played with the major innovators of the emerging bop style, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Curly Russell and others, as well as musicians of the prior generation, including Sidney Bechet. He spent his later life in Paris
Jan 26 Sol Leshinsky an American inventor. He was born in Montreal, Canada to Jewish parents originally from a region near Odessa, Russian Empire. Growing up in Bienfait, Hirsch and Estevan, Saskatchewan, he showed precocity as a mathematician and received his doctorate from the University of Toronto, writing a dissertation on the theory of numbers
Jan 26 David Ormsby-Gore 5th Baron Harlech a British diplomat and Conservative Party politician.
Jan 28 Bobby Young an American professional baseball player. He played all or part of eight years in Major League Baseball, primarily as a second baseman. He played most of his career for the Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles franchise
Jan 28 Alfredo Foni an Italian footballer in the 1930s and later on a coach. He was born in Udine
Jan 31 Józef Mackiewicz a Polish writer, novelist and political commentator; best known for his documentary novels Nie trzeba głośno mówić , and Droga donikąd. He staunchly opposed communism, referring to himself as an "anticommunist by nationality". Mackiewicz died in exile. His older brother Stanisław Mackiewicz was also a writer
Feb 1 Yuriy Rumer a Soviet physicist. He was known in the West as Georg Rumer
Feb 2 Hermann Prieß the commander of 3rd SS Division Totenkopf following the death of Theodor Eicke in February 1943. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grade Oak Leaves and Swords was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership