Died in 1992

Jan 1 Grace Hopper an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral. A pioneer in the field, she was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer, and invented the first compiler for a computer programming language. She popularized the idea of machine-independent programming languages, which led to the development of COBOL, one of the first high-level programming languages. She is credited with popularizing the term "debugging" for fixing computer glitches. Owing to the breadth of her accomplishments and her naval rank, she is sometimes referred to as "Amazing Grace". The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Hopper is named for her, as was the Cray XE6 "Hopper" supercomputer at NERSC
Jan 2 Ginette Leclerc a French film actress. She appeared in nearly 90 films between 1932 and 1978. Her last TV appearance was in 1981
Jan 2 Virginia Field a British-born film actress.
Jan 3 Judith Anderson an Australian actress who had a successful career in stage, film and television. She won two Emmy Awards and a Tony Award and was also nominated for a Grammy Award and an Academy Award
Jan 5 Rube Lautenschlager an American professional basketball player. He played for the Sheboygan Red Skins in the National Basketball League from 1938 to 1947
Jan 7 Richard Hunt (puppeteer) an American puppeteer, best known as a Muppet performer. Hunt's Muppet roles included Scooter, Beaker, Janice, Statler, and Sweetums
Jan 8 Natan Peled an Israeli politician who served as Minister of Immigrant Absorption from 1970 until 1974.
Jan 8 Anthony Dawson a Scottish-born actor, best known for his supporting roles in British films.
Jan 8 Nicolas Schöffer a Hungarian-born French artist. He can be considered as the father of cybernetic art. He was born in Kalocsa, Austria-Hungary and resided in Paris from 1936 till his death in his Montmartre atelier in 1992. His career touched on painting, kinetic sculpture, architecture, urbanism, film, TV, and music. Indeed he collaborated on music with Pierre Henry. All of the artistic actions of Schöffer were done in the pursuit of a dynamism in art
Jan 9 Bill Naughton an Irish-born British playwright and author, best known for his play Alfie.
Jan 9 Steve Brodie (actor) an American stage, film, and television actor from El Dorado in Butler County in south central Kansas. Born John Stevenson, he took his screen name from Steve Brodie, a daredevil who claimed to have jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886 and survived
Jan 10 Roberto Bonomi a racing driver who took part in one Formula One World Championship Grand Prix driving a Cooper for the Scuderia Centro Sud team. Before he participated in Formula One he was a sports car champion in 1952 and 1953, as well as a member of the Argentine team to race in Europe
Jan 11 David Hambartsumyan an Armenian diver, who twice became European champion. He was a bronze medalist at the 1980 Summer Olympics, and 16 times champion of the USSR. Hambartsumyan died on January 11, 1992 due to cardiac arrest
Jan 11 Murder of Shanda Sharer an American girl who was tortured and burned to death in Madison, Indiana, by four teenage girls. She was 12 years old at the time of her death. The incident attracted nationwide attention due to both the brutality and the young age of the perpetrators. The case was covered on national programs such as Phil and has inspired a number of episodes on fictional crime shows
Jan 12 Roger Dorsinville a Haitian poet, journalist, novelist, politician, and diplomat. Born in Port-au-Prince, Dorsinville attended military school before serving as the Minister of Public Health and ambassador to Venezuela. Some of his most notable works are Barrières , Pour Célébrer la Terre , Le Grand Devoir , and Toussaint Louverture
Jan 12 Ramón Muttis an Argentine football defender who won five league titles with Boca Juniors. He also played for the Argentina national team winning the 1925 Copa América
Jan 13 Gerhard Rose a German expert on tropical medicine who was tried for war crimes at the end of World War II.
Jan 14 Irakli Abashidze a Georgian poet, literary scholar and politician.
Jan 14 Jerry Nolan an American rock drummer, best known for his work with The New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers.
Jan 15 Dee Murray an English bassist, best known as a member of Elton John's band.
Jan 15 Fritz Kraatz a Swiss ice hockey player who competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics.
Jan 16 Ajahn Chah an influential teacher of the Buddhadhamma and a founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition.
Jan 17 Frank Pullen an English businessperson and racehorse owner.
Jan 18 Alexander Almetov an ice hockey player who played as a forward for HC CSKA Moscow and for the USSR Team.
Jan 19 Augusto Benedico a Mexican actor of Spanish origin best known for his role as "Don Alberto Salvatierra" in the soap opera Los ricos también lloran and his role as "Don Fernando" in the American educational television program Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish.
Jan 20 Abdul Khalek Hassouna an Egyptian diplomat who served as the second Secretary-General of the Arab League from 1952 to 1972.
Jan 21 Hamidul Huq Choudhury born in Noakhali District, Bengal during the British Raj. He was educated in Dhaka and Calcutta, and had a varied, distinguished and at times controversial career as a lawyer, politician and newspaper proprietor
Jan 23 Freddie Bartholomew an English-American child actor. One of the most famous child actors of all time, he became very popular in 1930s Hollywood films. His most famous starring roles are in Captains Courageous and Little Lord Fauntleroy
Jan 24 Ricky Ray Rector executed for the 1981 murder of police officer Robert Martin in Conway, Arkansas, USA.
Jan 24 Klaes Karppinen a Finnish cross-country skier who competed in the 1930s. He won a gold medal at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the 4 x 10 km relay
Jan 24 Ken Darby an American composer, vocal arranger, lyricist, and conductor. His film scores were recognized with three Academy Awards and one Grammy Award. He provided vocals for the Munchkinland mayor in The Wizard of Oz , who was portrayed in the film by Charlie Becker. Darby is also notable as the author of The Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe , a biography of the home of Rex Stout's fictional detective
Jan 25 Mahmoud Riad an Egyptian diplomat. He was Egyptian ambassador to United Nations from 1962 to 1964, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1964 to 1972, and Secretary-General of the League of Arab States from 1972 to 1979
Jan 26 José Ferrer a Puerto Rican actor, theater, and film director. He was the first Puerto Rican actor, as well as the first Hispanic actor, to win an Academy Award
Jan 27 Henriette von Schirach a German writer and wife to Baldur von Schirach, former Reichsjugendführer and Gauleiter in Vienna. Henriette von Schirach is one of the few people known to have challenged Hitler personally about the persecution of Jews
Jan 27 John Alcorn (artist) an American commercial artist and designer, and an illustrator of children's books. In addition to his accomplishments in the areas of packaging, corporate and dimensional design, Alcorn designed the opening titles for several Federico Fellini films. During his career, Alcorn created numerous book jackets and paperback covers, and his work appeared in many major exhibits
Jan 27 Clara Solovera a famous Chilean folk musician and composer. She was Chile's most popular folk music composer in the early 1960s
Jan 29 Willie Dixon an American blues musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger and record producer. A Grammy Award winner who was proficient on both the upright bass and the guitar and as a vocalist, Dixon is perhaps best known as one of the most prolific songwriters of his time. Next to Muddy Waters, Dixon is recognized as the most influential person in shaping the post-World War II sound of the Chicago blues
Jan 31 Mel Hein an American football player for the New York Giants. Hein played fifteen seasons for the Giants and never missed a down due to injury. He is the first player and only offensive lineman to win the NFL MVP award and he helped the Giants win the championship that season
Feb 1 Jean Hamburger a French physician, surgeon and essayist. He is particularly known for his contribution to nephrology, and for having performed the first renal transplantation in France in 1952
Feb 2 Bert Parks an American actor, singer, and radio and television announcer, best known for hosting the annual Miss America telecast from 1955 to 1979.
Feb 3 Knut Fridell a Swedish wrestler who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Feb 4 John Dehner an American actor in radio, television, and films, playing countless roles, often as a droll villain. Between 1941 and 1988, he appeared in over 260 films and television programs. Prior to acting, Dehner had worked as an animator at Walt Disney Studios, and later became a radio disc jockey. He was also a professional pianist
Feb 4 Lisa Fonssagrives a Swedish fashion model widely credited as the first supermodel.
Feb 7 Buzz Sawyer an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Buzz Sawyer. Throughout his career, he was also known by the nickname "Mad Dog". He was characterized by his crazy antics inside the ring and out
Feb 8 Denny Wright a jazz and skiffle guitarist who performed with Stephane Grappelli, Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Duncan , Digby Fairweather, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, Fapy Lafertin, Russ Conway, Bireli Lagrene and Nigel Kennedy.
Feb 8 Stanley Armour Dunham the maternal grandfather of U.S. President Barack Obama. He and his wife Madelyn Payne Dunham raised Obama from the age of 10 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Feb 10 Yoshiko Okada a Japanese film and stage actress who was most famous for her defection to the Soviet Union.
Feb 10 James Graham 7th Duke of Montrose a British-born Rhodesian politician. Born in Scotland, he maintained a lifelong interest in politics and was a lover of all things Scottish. He lived in southern Africa for fifty-five years, serving as the Minister of Agriculture in Rhodesia under Ian Smith, was a signatory to Unilateral Declaration of Independence and farmed several properties
Feb 10 Alex Haley an American writer. He is best known as the author of the 1976 book Roots: The Saga of an American Family. It was adapted by ABC as a TV mini-series of the same name and aired in 1977 to a record-breaking 130 million viewers. It had great influence on awareness in the United States of African-American history and inspired a broad interest in genealogy and family history
Feb 12 Bep van Klaveren a Dutch boxer, who won the gold medal in the featherweight division at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. Born in Rotterdam as Lambertus Steenhorst, he adopted the name of his stepfather Pieter van Klaveren when he was eight. His nickname was The Dutch Windmill