1993 events in history

Jan 1 Dissolution of Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakia is divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic
Jan 1 A single market within the European Community is introduced
Jan 2 Sri Lankan Civil War: The Sri Lanka Navy kill 35-100 civilians on the Jaffna Lagoon
Jan 3 In Moscow, Russia, George Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)
Jan 5 The oil tanker MV Braer runs aground on the coast of the Shetland Islands, spilling 84,700 tons of crude oil
Jan 6 Indian Border Security Force units kill 55 Kashmiri civilians in Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir, in revenge after militants ambushed a BSF patrol
Jan 7 Bosnian War: The Bosnian Army executes a surprise attack on the village of Kravica in Srebrenica
Jan 7 The Fourth Republic of Ghana is inaugurated with Jerry Rawlings as President
Jan 13 Space Shuttle program: Endeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54 launches from the Kennedy Space Center
Jan 15 Salvatore Riina, the Mafia boss known as "The Beast", is arrested in Sicily, Italy after three decades as a fugitive
Jan 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is officially observed for the first time in all 50 states
Jan 19 Czech Republic and Slovakia join the United Nations
Jan 24 Turkish journalist and writer Uğur Mumcu is assassinated by a car bomb in Ankara
Jan 25 Five people are shot outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Two are killed and three wounded
Jan 27 American-born sumo wrestler Akebono Tarō becomes the first foreigner to be promoted to the sport's highest rank of yokozuna
Feb 1 Gary Bettman becomes the NHL's first commissioner
Feb 8 General Motors sues NBC after Dateline NBC allegedly rigs two crashes intended to demonstrate that some GM pickups can easily catch fire if hit in certain places. NBC settles the lawsuit the next day
Feb 26 World Trade Center bombing: In New York City, a truck bomb parked below the North Tower of the World Trade Center explodes, killing six and injuring over a thousand
Feb 28 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents raid the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas with a warrant to arrest the group's leader David Koresh. Four BATF agents and five Davidians die in the initial raid, starting a 51-day standoff
Mar 11 Janet Reno is confirmed by the United States Senate and sworn in the next day, becoming the first female Attorney General of the United States
Mar 12 The Blizzard of 1993 – Snow begins to fall across the eastern portion of the US with tornadoes, thunder snow storms, high winds and record low temperatures. The storm lasts for 30 hours
Mar 12 Janet Reno was sworn in as the United States' first female attorney general
Mar 12 North Korea nuclear weapons program: North Korea says that it plans to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and refuses to allow inspectors access to its nuclear sites
Mar 12 Several bombs explode in Bombay (Mumbai), India, killing about 300 and injuring hundreds more
Mar 20 The Troubles: A Provisional IRA bomb kills two children in Warrington, England. It leads to mass protests in both Britain and Ireland
Mar 22 The Intel Corporation ships the first Pentium chips (80586), featuring a 60 MHz clock speed, 100+ MIPS, and a 64 bit data path
Mar 24 Discovery of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9
Mar 25 Warrington Bomb victim Tim Parry dies five days after an IRA bomb detonated in Warrington, Cheshire on 20 March 1993 in the second of the Warrington bomb attacks
Mar 27 Jiang Zemin is appointed President of the People's Republic of China
Mar 27 Italian former minister and Christian Democracy leader Giulio Andreotti is accused of mafia allegiance by the tribunal of Palermo
Mar 29 Catherine Callbeck becomes premier of Prince Edward Island and the first woman to be elected in a general election as premier of a Canadian province
Apr 8 The Republic of Macedonia joins the United Nations
Apr 11 Four hundred fifty prisoners rioted at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio, and continued to do so for ten days, citing grievances related to prison conditions, as well as the forced vaccination of Nation of Islam prisoners (for tuberculosis) against their religious beliefs
Apr 19 South Dakota governor George Mickelson and seven others are killed when a state-owned aircraft crashes in Iowa
Apr 19 The 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die
Apr 21 The Supreme Court in La Paz, Bolivia, sentences former dictator Luis Garcia Meza to 30 years in jail without parole for murder, theft, fraud and violating the constitution
Apr 22 Version 1.0 of the Mosaic web browser is released
Apr 23 Sri Lankan politician Lalith Athulathmudali is assassinated while addressing a gathering, approximately four weeks ahead of the Provincial Council elections for the Western Province
Apr 23 Eritreans vote overwhelmingly for independence from Ethiopia in a United Nations-monitored referendum
Apr 24 An IRA bomb devastates the Bishopsgate area of London
Apr 27 All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane crash off Libreville, Gabon en route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Senegal
Apr 30 Monica Seles is stabbed by Günter Parche, an obsessed fan, during a quarterfinal match of the 1993 Citizen Cup in Hamburg, Germany
Apr 30 CERN announces World Wide Web protocols will be free
May 10 In Thailand, a fire at the Kader Toy Factory kills 156 workers
May 18 EU - riots in Nørrebro, Copenhagen caused by the approval of the four Danish exceptions in the Maastricht Treaty referendum. Police opened fire against civilians for the first time since World War II and injured 11 demonstrators. In total 113 bullets are fired
May 24 Eritrea gains its independence from Ethiopia
May 28 Eritrea and Monaco join the United Nations
May 29 The Miss Sarajevo beauty pageant is held in war torn Sarajevo drawing global attention to the plight of its citizens
Jun 5 Portions of the Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, England, fall into the sea following a landslide
Jun 6 Mongolia holds its first direct presidential elections