Died in 2000

Jan 1 Colin Vaughan a television journalist, architect, urban activist and alderman serving the Canadian city of Toronto. He was best known as the political specialist for the Toronto television station Citytv from 1977 until his death. He died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 68
Jan 1 Stan Patrick an American National Basketball Association player. He played with the Waterloo Hawks and Sheboygan Red Skins during the 1949-50 NBA season
Jan 2 Elmo Zumwalt an American naval officer and the youngest man to serve as Chief of Naval Operations. As an admiral and later the 19th Chief of Naval Operations, Zumwalt played a major role in U.S. military history, especially during the Vietnam War. A decorated war veteran, Zumwalt reformed U.S. Navy personnel policies in an effort to improve enlisted life and ease racial tensions. After he retired from a 32-year Navy career, he launched an unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate
Jan 2 Patrick O'Brian an English novelist and translator, best known for his Aubrey–Maturin series of novels set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and centred on the friendship of English naval captain Jack Aubrey and the Irish–Catalan physician Stephen Maturin. The 20-novel series, the first of which is Master and Commander, is known for its well-researched and highly detailed portrayal of early 19th-century life, as well as its authentic and evocative language. A partially finished twenty-first novel in the series was published posthumously containing facing pages of handwriting and typescript
Jan 2 Nat Adderley an American jazz cornet and trumpet player who played in the hard bop and soul jazz genres. He was the brother of saxophonist Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, whom he remained very close to in his career but whose shadow Nat followed in for most of his life
Jan 2 Princess María de las Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies the mother of Juan Carlos I, King of Spain from 1975 to 2014.
Jan 3 Henry H. Fowler an American lawyer and politician. He served as the United States Secretary of Treasury under President Lyndon Johnson
Jan 3 Bernhard Wicki an Austrian actor and film director.
Jan 3 Viktor Kolotov the Soviet footballer who spent the most and the best of his years in Ukraine.
Jan 4 Tom Fears a Mexican-American football split end for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League, playing nine seasons from 1948 to 1956. He was later an NFL assistant coach and head coach of the New Orleans Saints, and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jan 4 Spyros Markezinis a Greek politician, longtime member of the Hellenic Parliament, and briefly Prime Minister during the aborted attempt at democratization of the Greek military regime in 1973.
Jan 5 Vera Dulova a Russian harpist and instructor. The Russian school or method is named after her
Jan 5 Goseki Kojima a Japanese manga artist.
Jan 6 Horst Seemann a German film director and screenwriter. He has directed 19 films between 1962 and 1995. His 1973 film Ripe Cherry was entered into the 8th Moscow International Film Festival. His 1984 film Woman Doctors was entered into the 34th Berlin International Film Festival
Jan 6 Alexey Vyzmanavin a Russian chess Grandmaster.
Jan 6 Ester Wier an American writer.
Jan 6 Don Martin (cartoonist) an American cartoonist whose best-known work was published in Mad from 1956 to 1988. His popularity and prominence was such that the magazine promoted Martin as "Mad's Maddest Artist."
Jan 7 Klaus Wennemann a German television and film actor.
Jan 7 Makhmud Esambayev a Chechen actor and dancer. Makhmud was regarded as one of the most famous dancers of the Soviet Union
Jan 7 Gary Albright an American professional wrestler who performed most notably for Stampede Wrestling in Canada with UWF International, and All Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan. Albright was a member through marriage of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family, including Afa and Sika, Yokozuna, Rikishi, and The Rock. His widow, Monica, is the daughter of Afa Anoa'i
Jan 8 Fritz Thiedemann a German equestrian, considered to be one of the greatest show jumpers of his time.
Jan 8 Warren H. Wagner an eminent American botanist who was trained at Berkeley with E.B. Copeland and lived most of his professional career in Michigan. A longtime faculty member at the University of Michigan , he developed, in the early 1960s, the first algorithm for discerning phylogenetic relationships among species based upon their respective character states observed over a set of characters. This work was honored by James Farris and Arnold Kluge in their later appellation of related algorithms as "Wagner parsimony."
Jan 8 Henry Eriksson a Swedish athlete, winner of 1500 m at the 1948 Summer Olympics.
Jan 9 Bruno Zevi an Italian architect, historian, professor, curator, author and editor. Zevi was a vocal critic of 'classicising' modern architecture and postmodernism
Jan 9 Arnold Alexander Hall a British aeronautical engineer, scientist and industrialist.
Jan 9 Nigel Tranter a Scottish historian and author.
Jan 10 Danguolė Rasalaitė a Lithuanian girl who was sold as a sex-slave in Sweden late 1999. On 7 January 2000, she committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Malmö, she died 3 days later in the hospital. Her case stirred much debate on human trafficking
Jan 10 Sam Jaffe (producer) was, at different points in his career in the motion picture industry, an agent, a producer and a studio executive. He was brother-in-law to B.P. Schulberg which no doubt helped him get his first job at Paramount
Jan 11 Betty Archdale an educationalist and cricketer. She was a captain of the English women's cricket team in 1934 and 1935. In 1934/35 she led the first English cricket team to tour Australia and New Zealand, the result of which was a 2-0 victory over Australia. This tour did much both to raise the status of women's cricket and to heal some of the damage done to Anglo-Australian cricket relations by bodyline two years earlier
Jan 11 Ivan Combe the inventor of personal-care products, most notably Clearasil and Odor Eaters. In 1949 he established his eponymous company Combe Incorporated in White Plains, New York
Jan 11 Solomon Mamaloni the second Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands three times:.
Jan 11 Bob Lemon an American right-handed pitcher and manager in Major League Baseball. Lemon was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame as a player in 1976
Jan 12 Marc Davis (animator) a prominent American artist and animator for Walt Disney Studios. He was one of Disney's Nine Old Men for his knowledge and understanding of visual aesthetics, the famed core animators of Disney animated films
Jan 12 Bobby Phills an American professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets.
Jan 13 Alfred Baphethuxolo Nzo a South African politician. He served as the longest-standing secretary-general of the African National Congress. He occupied this position between 1969 and 1991. He was also the South African minister of foreign affairs from 1994 to 1999. He was also the first black health inspector in the country. The Alfred Nzo Award is now awarded to deserving health practitioners in South Africa
Jan 14 Meche Barba an American-born Mexican film actress and dancer of the Golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. Was considered one of the icons of the "Rumberas film"
Jan 14 Alain Poiré a French film producer and screenwriter. He was born in Paris, and died in Neuilly-Sur-Seine
Jan 14 Leonard Weisgard an American writer and illustrator of more than 200 children's books. He is known best for his collaborations with writer Margaret Wise Brown. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and spent most of his childhood in England
Jan 14 Clifford Truesdell an American mathematician, natural philosopher, and historian of science.
Jan 15 Željko Ražnatović a Serbian career criminal and commander of a paramilitary force in the Yugoslav Wars, called the Serb Volunteer Guard. He was on Interpol's most wanted list in the 1970s and 1980s for robberies and murders committed in a number of countries across Europe, and was later indicted by the UN for crimes against humanity for his role during the wars. Arkan was up until his death the most powerful militia leader in the Balkans. He was assassinated in 2000, before his trial
Jan 15 Bruce Seven an American pornographic film producer and director. He created 200 films and is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame
Jan 15 Fran Ryan an American character actress featured in television and films. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She often played parts of women on opposite ends of the social spectrum
Jan 15 Georges-Henri Lévesque a Canadian Dominican priest and sociologist and a liberal figure in Quebec during the conservative Duplessis era.
Jan 15 Annie Palmen a Dutch singer, best known for her participation in the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest.
Jan 16 Robert R. Wilson an American physicist known for his work on the Manhattan Project during World War II, as a sculptor, and as an architect of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory , where he was the first director from 1967 to 1978.
Jan 16 Triloki Nath Kaul one of India's foremost diplomats, who remained Indian Foreign Secretary and strategic studies experts.
Jan 16 Gene Harris known as soul jazz.
Jan 16 Will "Dub" Jones an American R&B singer. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and died in Long Beach, California
Jan 17 Ion Rațiu a Romanian politician and the presidential candidate of the Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party in the 1990 elections, in which he ranked third with 4.29% of the vote.
Jan 17 Philip Jones (musician) a British trumpeter and leader of an internationally famous brass chamber music ensemble.