Died in 2001

Jan 1 Ray Walston an American actor and comedian, best known as the title character on My Favorite Martian. He had such iconic film, television and stage roles as Luther Billis , Applegate , J.J. Singleton , Hand , Candy , and Judge Henry Bone
Jan 2 William P. Rogers an American politician, who served as a cabinet officer in the administrations of two U.S. presidents in the third quarter of the 20th century.
Jan 4 Tadeusz Olechowski a Polish communist politician, Polish ambassador to various countries from 1960s to 1980s , Minister of Foreign in 1972, viceminister of Foreign Affairs , last minister of foreign affairs of the People's Republic of Poland.
Jan 4 Alexandra Adler an Austrian neurologist and the daughter of psychoanalyst Alfred Adler. She has been described as one of the "leading systematizers and interpreters" of Adlerian psychology. In 1937, Adler and Tracy Jackson Putnam conducted a study on a brain of a multiple sclerosis victim. Illustrations from the study are frequently used in medical literature. Adler's detailed studies on 500 survivors of the Cocoanut Grove fire is noted as some of the earliest research on posttraumatic stress disorder. Her sister was Socialist activist Valentine Adler
Jan 4 Yoshika Yuhnagi a Japanese fashion model.
Jan 4 Les Brown (bandleader) an American clarinetist, saxophonist, big band leader and composer, best known for his nearly seven decades of work with the big band Les Brown and His Band of Renown. The Band of Renown began in the late 1930s, initially as the group Les Brown and His Blue Devils, led by Brown while he was a student at Duke University. He was the first president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The band now performs under the direction of his son, Les Brown, Jr
Jan 5 G. E. M. Anscombe Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe, FBA , usually cited as E. Anscombe, was a British analytic philosopher. She wrote on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, philosophical logic, philosophy of language, and ethics. She was a prominent figure of analytical Thomism
Jan 5 Nancy Parsons an American actress. She was best known for her role as Beulah Balbricker in the 1982 cult film Porky's and its sequels. She also played Ida in Motel Hell
Jan 7 Frederick Baldwin Adams Jr. an American bibliophile and the director of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City from 1938–1969.
Jan 7 Johan van der Keuken a Dutch documentary filmmaker, author, and photographer. In a career that spanned 42 years, Keuken produced 55 documentary films, six of which won eight awards. He also wrote nine books on photography and films, his field of interest. For all his efforts, he received seven awards for his life work, and one other for photography
Jan 7 James Carr (musician) an American rhythm and blues and soul singer.
Jan 7 Charles Helou President of Lebanon from 1964 to 1970.
Jan 8 Paul Winterton an English journalist and crime novelist. Throughout his career, he used the pseudonyms Andrew Garve, Roger Bax and Paul Somers
Jan 9 Maurice Prather an American motion picture and still photographer and film director. He was born in Miami, Florida, the son of Maurice Prather, a mechanic, cabinet maker, and woodworker, and Zora Prather, both of them born in Missouri. Young Maurice also had a younger sister, Laura Jo, some two years his junior
Jan 9 Paul Vanden Boeynants a Belgian politician. He served as the 41st Prime Minister of Belgium for two brief periods
Jan 9 Peter Düttmann a World War II Luftwaffe flying ace. He achieved 152 kills in 398 sorties. All of his victories were scored against Soviet opposition on the Eastern Front flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership
Jan 11 Gerald Glatzmayer an Austrian footballer who took part in the 1990 World Cup.
Jan 11 Michael Williams (actor) an English actor who played both classical and comedy roles, and was the husband of actress Dame Judi Dench.
Jan 11 Princess Vera Constantinovna of Russia the youngest child of Grand Duke Konstantine Konstantinovich of Russia and his wife Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievna. A great-granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, she was born in the Russian Empire and was a childhood playmate of the younger children of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. She lost much of her family during World War I and the Russian Revolution. At age twelve, she escaped revolutionary Russia, fleeing with her mother and brother George to Sweden. She spent the rest of her long life in exile, first in Western Europe and from the 1950s in the United States
Jan 11 Louis Krages a German racing driver and businessman.
Jan 12 Affirmed an American Thoroughbred racehorse who was the eleventh winner of the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Affirmed was also known for his famous rivalry with Alydar, whom he met ten times, including in all three Triple Crown races. To date, Affirmed is the last horse to win the Triple Crown
Jan 12 Adhemar da Silva a Brazilian athlete who competed in the triple jump. He won two Olympic gold medals and set four world records in athletics, the last being 16.56 metres in 1955 Pan American Games
Jan 12 Luiz Bonfá a Brazilian guitarist and composer. He was best known for the compositions he penned for the film Black Orpheus
Jan 12 William Redington Hewlett an American engineer and the co-founder, with David Packard, of the Hewlett-Packard Company.
Jan 13 Stan Freeman an American composer, lyricist, musical arranger, conductor, and studio musician.
Jan 13 Michael Cuccione a Canadian child actor, singer, dancer, author, and cancer research activist.
Jan 14 Kostas Rigopoulos a Greek actor.
Jan 14 Burkhard Heim a German theoretical physicist. He devoted a large portion of his life to the pursuit of his unified field theory, Heim theory. One of his childhood ambitions was to develop a method of space travel, which contributed to his motivation to find such a theory
Jan 14 Luigi Broglio an Italian aerospace engineer, airforce lieutenant colonel and dean of the school of aeronautical engineering at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Known as "the Italian von Braun", he is best known as the architect of the San Marco programme which led Italy to be the third country in the world to build and operate its own satellite
Jan 15 Ted Mann an American businessman, involved in the film industry, and head of Mann Theatres. He famously changed the name of Grauman's Chinese Theater to Mann's Chinese Theater when he purchased the National General Theatre chain that owned it in 1973. Born in Wishek, North Dakota, Mann started off in the movie business as an usher around the time he attended the University of Minnesota in the 1930s. He rented the Selby Theatre in Saint Paul, Minnesota for $100 a month and began to build his own company. He ran the theater almost completely by himself, expanding to 25 venues within a few years
Jan 15 Leo Marks an English cryptographer during the Second World War. He headed the codes office supporting resistance agents in occupied Europe for the secretive Special Operations Executive. After the war he became a playwright and screenwriter. Near the end of his life he published a highly regarded personal history of his experiences during the war, Between Silk and Cyanide
Jan 16 Leonard Woodcock President of the United Auto Workers and the first US ambassador to the People's Republic of China.
Jan 16 Virginia O'Brien a popular American actress, singer, and radio personality known for her comedic roles in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musicals of the 1940s.
Jan 16 Mykola Budnyk a luthier and traditional performer in the Kobzar tradition. He was active in authentic construction and recreation of historic folk instruments, and involved in the movement for authentic performаnce practice on Ukrainian folk instruments. Budnyk was also known as a painter and poet. He was born in 1954 in Skolobiv, near Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Zhytomyr region, and died January 16, 2001, in Irpin', Kyiv region
Jan 16 Auberon Waugh an English journalist, and eldest son of Evelyn Waugh. He was widely known by his nickname 'Bron'
Jan 17 Sergej Kraigher a Yugoslav Communist politician from Slovenia who served as the President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia from 1981 to 1982.
Jan 17 Gregory Corso an American poet, youngest of the inner circle of Beat Generation writers.
Jan 18 Boris Stenin a Soviet speed skater, speed skating coach, and speed skating scientist.
Jan 18 Al Waxman a Canadian actor and director of over 1000 productions on radio, television, film, and stage. He is best known for his starring roles in the television series King of Kensington and Cagney & Lacey
Jan 18 Laurent-Désiré Kabila President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from May 17, 1997, when he overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, until his assassination by one of his bodyguards on January 18, 2001. He was succeeded by his son Joseph eight days later
Jan 18 Morris Lapidus the architect of Neo-baroque Miami Modern hotels that have since come to define the 1950s resort-hotel style synonymous with Miami and Miami Beach.
Jan 19 Alberto Gallardo a Peruvian football player and manager.
Jan 19 Dario Vittori an Italian born, Argentine comic actor. His real name was Melito Darío Spartaco Margozzi and was born on 14 September 1921 in Montecelio, Lazio, Italy. Died on 19 January 2001 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jan 20 Nico Assumpção a Brazilian bass player.
Jan 21 Byron De La Beckwith an American white supremacist and Klansman from Greenwood, Mississippi, who in 1994 was convicted of assassinating the civil rights leader Medgar Evers on June 12, 1963. Two previous trials in 1964 on this charge had resulted in hung juries
Jan 22 Roy Brown (clown) an American television personality, puppeteer, clown and artist best known for playing "Cooky the Cook" on Chicago's long running Bozo's Circus.
Jan 22 Tommie Agee a Major League Baseball center fielder most noted for making two of the greatest catches in World Series history, both of which occurred in game three of the 1969 World Series.
Jan 23 Jack McDuff an American jazz organist and organ trio bandleader who was most prominent during the hard bop and soul jazz era of the 1960s, often performing with an organ trio. He is also credited to giving guitarist George Benson his first break
Jan 23 Umar Mustafa al-Muntasir General Secretary of the People's Committee in Libya from 1 March 1987 to 7 October 1990 and the foreign minister from 1992 until 2000.
Jan 23 Vladimir Belyayev (footballer) a Soviet football player.