Born in 2002

Feb 4 Nathaniel Craver a Russian born boy adopted by a married U.S. couple whose death in their custody sparked a public outcry.
Feb 5 Davis Cleveland an American child actor, rapper, and singer. He is best known for his role as Flynn Jones on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up
Feb 21 Prince Michael Jackson II an American television personality. He is the youngest child of American pop musician Michael Jackson
Feb 26 Kendra and Maliyah Herrin Deene Herrin and Maliyah Mae Herrin are former conjoined twins. They were separated in August 2006. They were the first set of conjoined twins to be separated to share a kidney. Kendra retained their shared kidney following the separation surgery, while Maliyah Herrin underwent dialysis until she was transplanted with a kidney donated by her mother in April 2007
Apr 8 Skai Jackson an American actress. She currently co-stars as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie
Apr 16 Dayana Kirillova a Russian singer. She is a multiple laureate of Russian and international song contests, the Russian representative at the 2013 Slavianski Bazaar , and the Russian representative at the 2013 Junior Eurovision which took place on 30 November in Kiev
Apr 18 Isabella Nardoni case murdered on the night of Saturday, 29 March 2008. Suspects in the case included Isabella's father, Alexandre Nardoni, and her stepmother, Anna Carolina Jatobá. It is alleged that Jatobá strangled Isabella and Nardoni threw her out of the window of their apartment located on the sixth floor of the Edifício London in the Tucuruvi district of São Paulo, Brazil
Apr 20 Twist Magic a French-bred, British-trained National Hunt horse trained by Paul Nicholls. He specialised as a two mile chaser, and recorded many top class wins such as the Tingle Creek in 2007 and 2009 and the Victor Chandler Chase in 2010. He suffered a fatal injury while racing in the rearranged Peterborough Chase at Newbury and had to be put down. He was a rather quirky character, although not at his best at Cheltenham, he was one of the best two mile chasers of his generation
Apr 21 Carl and Clarence Aguirre former conjoined twins born in Silay City, Philippines. They were conjoined at the top of the head. In 2003 they were brought to the United States by their mother Arlene in the hopes of having them surgically separated. A revolutionary new process was used in separating the twin boys. Because "marathon" surgical operations have historically led to a high rate of mortality and morbidity, Clarence and Carl's doctors chose to separate them in several smaller operations, allowing the twins to recuperate after each surgery
May 4 Anastasiya Petryk a Ukrainian child singer.
May 6 Emily Alyn Lind an American child actress best known as Vanessa in the Hallmark movie November Christmas and as Emma Lavery on All My Children. She is the daughter of actress Barbara Alyn Woods and director John Lind. She has an older sister, Natalie, and a younger sister, Alyvia. She currently has a recurring role playing the younger version of Amanda Clarke in the ABC series Revenge
Jun 8 Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau van Amsberg the first child and daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands. She is member of the Dutch Royal Family and currently fifth in the line of succession to the Dutch throne
Jul 22 Prince Felix of Denmark the younger son of Prince Joachim and his former wife, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg.
Jul 23 Lil' P-Nut an American child rapper, actor, dancer and singer from Memphis, who is known for his rap, "You Might Be the One", and his role as the voice Atticus the rapping penguin in Happy Feet Two. He currently stars in the Nickelodeon TV series The Haunted Hathaways
Jul 30 Prince Hridayendra of Nepal a member of the Nepalese Royal Family and was the second in line to the Nepal's royal throne. The monarchy was officially abolished on 28 May 2008. Until the abolition of the monarchy he was known in Nepal by the title Nava Yuvaraj
Aug 4 Kieron Williamson a watercolour artist from Holt, Norfolk in England. His paintings and ability by the age of six have caused considerable interest in the UK media and are notable for his advanced use of perspective and shading
Aug 26 Aslambek Abdulkhadzhiev a field commander during the First and Second Chechen Wars. He was a deputy of Shamil Basayev, and commissioner of Shalinsky and Vedensky Districts after being appointed by Dzhokhar Dudayev in 1994
Sep 30 Maddie Ziegler an American child dancer, actress, and model. She is best known for appearing on Lifetime's reality series, Dance Moms, and for her appearances in numerous music videos, including the video for Sia's Chandelier
Oct 6 Cleopatra Stratan Moldovan singer, the youngest person ever to score commercial success, with her 2006 album La vârsta de trei ani. She holds the record for the highest paid young artist, the youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the youngest artist to score a No.1 hit in a country. As of late 2011, Cleopatra and her family have relocated and are living in Pipera in the capital of Romania, Bucharest
Oct 14 Youssif (burn victim) an 11-year-old Iraqi boy who was set on fire by unknown masked men outside of his central Baghdad home on January 15, 2007.
Nov 14 Ben Bowen a boy from Huntington, West Virginia, who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2004. His family has used his story to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to raise almost $4,000,000 for Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 19 Gaia Cauchi a Maltese child singer. She represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and won the contest with her song "The Start"