Died in 2003

Jan 1 Giorgio Gaber an Italian singer, composer, actor and playwright. He was also an accomplished guitar player and author of one of the first rock songs in Italian. Together with Sandro Luporini, he pioneered the musical genre known as teatro canzone
Jan 1 Dumitru Tinu a Romanian journalist, director of Adevărul newspaper and president of the Romanian Press Club. He died under questionable circumstances on the early hours of New Year's Day 2003 in a car crash that aroused a number of theories in the media. His son from a previous relationship, Andrei Tinu, is a politician
Jan 1 Royce D. Applegate an American actor and screenwriter. Born in Oklahoma, his most visible role was that of Chief Petty Officer Manilow Crocker on the first season of the Steven Spielberg-produced television series seaQuest DSV
Jan 1 Joe Foss the leading fighter ace of the United States Marine Corps during World War II and a 1943 recipient of the Medal of Honor, recognizing his role in the air combat during the Guadalcanal Campaign. In postwar years, he achieved fame as a General in the Air National Guard, the 20th Governor of South Dakota, President of the National Rifle Association, and the first commissioner of the American Football League, as well as a career as a television broadcaster
Jan 1 Cyril Shaps an English actor.
Jan 1 F. William Free an American advertising executive. He is best remembered for the controversial 1971 advertising slogan for National Airlines, "I'm Cheryl – Fly Me."
Jan 2 Eric Jupp best remembered for his theme music to the TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
Jan 2 Hiralal Gaekwad a former Indian cricketer who played in one Test in 1952.
Jan 3 Monique Wittig a French author and feminist theorist who wrote about overcoming socially enforced gender roles and who coined the phrase "heterosexual contract". She published her first novel, L'Opoponax, in 1964. Her second novel, Les Guérillères , was a landmark in lesbian feminism
Jan 3 Sid Gillman an American football player, coach, executive, and innovator. Gillman's insistence on stretching the football field by throwing deep downfield passes, instead of short passes to running backs or wide receivers at the sides of the line of scrimmage, was instrumental in making football into the modern game that it is today
Jan 3 Huang Hu a Chinese murderer who put rat poison in the salt of a kindergarten on November 24, 2002 poisoning at least 70 children and murdering 2 or more of them. In December Huang Hu was arrested and sentenced to death on December 18 of 2002. Sixteen days later, Huang Hu was executed
Jan 3 Peter Sutermeister a Swiss lawyer, writer and opera librettist.
Jan 4 Yfrah Neaman a violinist and an eminent pedagogue.
Jan 4 Hanno Drechsler the legendary Lord Mayor of the City of Marburg, Germany, between 1970 and 1992, and the instigator of its restoration after urban renewal; he was also an important Social Democratic politician and political scientist.
Jan 4 Sabine Ulibarrí an American poet. He was also a teacher, a writer, a critic, and a statesman. Ulibarrí was born in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
Jan 5 Roy Jenkins a British politician and writer.
Jan 5 Doreen Carwithen a British composer of classical and film music. She was also known as Mary Alwyn
Jan 5 Jean Kerr an Irish-American author and playwright born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and best known for her humorous bestseller, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, and the plays King of Hearts and Mary, Mary.
Jan 5 Félix Loustau a former Argentine footballer who was a key player on the River Plate squad known as La Máquina. La Maquina is considered to be one of the greatest team ever assembled in the history of South American football. They dominated Argentine football during the first half of the 1940s, winning eight national titles during his time at the club. The five forwards on the team were Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera, Ángel Labruna and Loustau. He usually played as an outside left and he is considered to be one of Argentina's greatest wingers
Jan 5 Massimo Girotti an Italian film actor whose career spanned seven decades.
Jan 6 Gerald Cash the second Governor-General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
Jan 6 Hirini Melbourne a Māori composer, singer, university lecturer, poet and author. He was from Ngāi Tūhoe and Ngāti Kahungunu Maori tribes
Jan 6 Conrad Hall an American cinematographer from Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia. Named after writers Joseph Conrad and Lafcadio Hearn, he was best known for photographing films such as In Cold Blood, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, American Beauty, and Road to Perdition. For his work he garnered a number of awards, including three Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards
Jan 7 Mario Tonelli a professional American football player who played running back for one season for the Chicago Cardinals.
Jan 8 Ron Goodwin an English composer and conductor known for his film music. He scored over 70 films in a career lasting over fifty years. His most famous works included Where Eagles Dare, Battle of Britain, 633 Squadron and Operation Crossbow
Jan 8 Sarah McClendon a long-time White House reporter who covered presidential politics for a half-century. McClendon founded her own free-lance news service as a single mother in the post-World War II era, and became known as a model for women in the press and as a vocal advocate of various causes, particularly those of United States military veterans. McClendon was best known, however, for her questions at United States Presidential press conferences, which often ranged from aggressive to brash or blunt
Jan 10 C. Douglas Dillon an American diplomat and politician, who served as U.S. Ambassador to France and as the 57th Secretary of the Treasury. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Jan 10 Júlio Botelho a Brazilian football player. He was primarily a right winger. Known for his dribbling and powerful shot, Julinho was one of the greatest wingers in football history. He was selected in the World Soccer Magazine world XI in 1961
Jan 10 Wolfgang Kasack a German Slavic studies scholar and translator.
Jan 11 Yuri Tishkov a Russian professional footballer. He made his professional debut in the Soviet Top League in 1988 for FC Torpedo Moscow
Jan 11 William Russo (musician) an American jazz musician. He is considered one of the greatest jazz composers and arrangers
Jan 11 Maurice Pialat a French film director, screenwriter and actor noted for the rigorous and unsentimental style of his films. His work is often described as being "realist", though many film critics acknowledge that it does not fit the traditional definition of realism
Jan 11 Mickey Finn (musician) the percussionist and sideman to Marc Bolan in his band Tyrannosaurus Rex , and later, the 1970s glam rock group, T.Rex. Often confused with other musicians by the same name, Michael Norman Finn only toured as a sideman in the 1960s with Hapshash and the Coloured Coat. After Bolan and T.Rex's demise, he worked as a session musician for The Blow Monkeys and The Soup Dragons
Jan 11 Richard Simmons (actor) an American actor.
Jan 12 Paul Pender a boxer and fire-fighter from Massachusetts. He was world Middleweight champion
Jan 12 Dean Amadon an American ornithologist and an authority on birds of prey.
Jan 12 Leopoldo Galtieri an Argentine general and President of Argentina from 22 December 1981 to 18 June 1982, during the last military dictatorship. The death squad, Intelligence Battalion 601, directly reported to him. He was removed from power soon after the British re-took the Falklands Islands, whose invasion he had ordered
Jan 12 Kinji Fukasaku a Japanese film director and screenwriter.
Jan 12 Valentyn Kravchuk a Ukrainian rower who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Jan 12 Alan Nunn May a British physicist, and a confessed and convicted Soviet spy, who supplied secrets of British and United States atomic research to the Soviet Union during World War II.
Jan 12 Maurice Gibb a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who achieved international fame as guitarist, bassist and keyboardist of the Bee Gees. Although his brothers Barry and Robin Gibb were the band's primary lead vocalists, most of the groups albums included at least one or two Maurice Gibb compositions, including "Lay It on Me", "Country Woman" and "On Time". The Bee Gees were one of the most successful rock-pop groups ever
Jan 12 Koloman Sokol one of the most prominent Slovak painters, graphic artists and illustrators. He was a founder of modern Slovak graphic art
Jan 13 Norman Panama an American screenwriter and film director born in Chicago, Illinois. He collaborated with a former schoolfriend, Melvin Frank to form a writing partnership which endured for three decades. He also wrote gags for comedians such as Bob Hope's radio program and for Groucho Marx
Jan 14 Mirza Babayev an Azerbaijani movie actor and singer. He was honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR and People’s Artist of Azerbaijan
Jan 15 Vivi-Anne Hultén a Swedish figure skater who competed in ladies' singles. She was the 1936 Olympic bronze medalist, a four-time World medalist, a two-time European bronze medalist, and a ten-time Swedish national champion
Jan 15 Jeannette Campbell a naturalized Argentine swimmer who won a silver medal in the 1936 Summer Olympics. She was the first Argentine female to participate at the Olympics games
Jan 15 Ernesto Foldats born in Latvia, as Ernests Foldāts. He later moved to Venezuela, where he became a successful botanist and orchidologist. He has held numerous official positions, e.g. Director of the School of Biology, Dean of the Faculcy of Science at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and Scientific advisor to the Commission on the Legislature and Environment. He was Honoris causa at the University of Riga, Latvia. Foldats was a member of Latvian student fraternity Fraternitas Vanenica
Jan 16 Shimon Garidi an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset between 1951 and 1955.
Jan 16 Richard Wainwright (politician) a Liberal MP for Colne Valley 1966–70 and February 1974-87.
Jan 17 Richard Crenna an American motion picture, television, and radio actor and occasional television director. He starred in such motion pictures as The Sand Pebbles, Wait Until Dark, Un Flic, Body Heat, the first three Rambo movies, Hot Shots! Part Deux, the remake of Sabrina and The Flamingo Kid. Crenna played "Walter Denton" in the CBS radio network and CBS-TV network series Our Miss Brooks, and "Luke McCoy" in ABC's TV comedy series, The Real McCoys, , which moved to CBS-TV in September 1962