Died in 2012

Jan 1 Yafa Yarkoni an Israeli singer, winner of the Israel Prize in 1998 for Hebrew song. She was dubbed Israel's “songstress of the wars” due to her frequent performances for Israel Defense Forces soldiers, especially in wartime. She was from a Mountain Jewish family
Jan 1 Marcelle Narbonne was, at the time of her death, the oldest living person in France and Europe. She was also the 8th-oldest validated living person in the world
Jan 1 Gary Ablett (English footballer) an English professional footballer and manager. He played as a defender from 1985 until 2001. He spent nine years with Liverpool, and went on to win the FA Cup with their city rivals Everton in 1995. He also played for Derby County, Hull City, Sheffield United, Birmingham City, Wycombe Wanderers, Blackpool and Long Island Rough Riders
Jan 1 Carlos Soria an Argentine lawyer and Justicialist Party politician. He died in the early hours of January 1, 2012, from a gunshot wound, at his farm, after the New Year celebrations. Soria was the governor of Rio Negro Province at the time. His widow was charged with first-degree murder on January 19, 2012
Jan 1 Bob Anderson (fencer) an English Olympic fencer, and a renowned film fight choreographer, with a cinema career that spanned more than 50 years and included films such as Highlander, The Princess Bride, The Mask of Zorro, The Lord of the Rings and Die Another Day. He was regarded as the premier choreographer of Hollywood sword-fighting, and during his career he coached many actors in swordsmanship, including Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas, Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp. He also appeared as a stunt double for Darth Vader's lightsaber battles in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
Jan 1 Jorge Andrés Boero an Argentine motorcycle racer who participated in the 2011 and 2012 Dakar Rally. He died in an accident during the first stage of the 2012 competition
Jan 1 Anders Frandsen a Danish musician, singer, actor and TV presenter. He was born in Copenhagen
Jan 1 Kiro Gligorov the first President of the Republic of Macedonia, serving from 1991 to 1999. He held various high positions in the political establishment of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, including as Secretary of State for Finance in the Federal Executive Council, a member of the Yugoslav Presidency, as well as President of the Assembly of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from May 15, 1974 to May 15, 1978
Jan 1 Fred Milano an American doo-wop singer. Born in New York, he was a member of The Belmonts who became successful in the late 1950s as Dion and the Belmonts, and in the early 1960s. The Belmonts got their name from the street that Milano lived on, Belmont Avenue
Jan 1 Nay Win Maung a Burmese physician, businessman and pro-democracy activist. Maung advocated a conciliatory approach toward Myanmar's ruling military junta, which seized power in 1988. Maung argued that Burma could be moved towards democratization by working directly with the country's generals, rather than confronting them. Maung sometimes took political positions which proved controversial among Burma's opposition leaders, who often viewed his ties to the military government with suspicion. He stated that Aung San Suu Kyi should accept a new constitution written by the military as a token of goodwill. He believed that Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy should only contest half the parliamentary seats in the 2010 general election, arguing that a landslide win for the NLD would scare the Burmese rulers into holding onto power. However, Maung heavily criticized the generals for rigging the 2010 general election when the extent of voter fraud became known
Jan 1 Tommy Mont an American educator, university administrator, college football coach, and NFL player. He played quarterback for the Washington Redskins as a back-up behind Sammy Baugh for three seasons. Mont served as the head football coach for three years at the University of Maryland and for eighteen years at DePauw University. He also served as the DePauw athletic director for fifteen years
Jan 1 Alessandro Liberati an Italian healthcare researcher and clinical epidemiologist, and founder of the Italian Cochrane Centre.
Jan 2 William P. Carey an American philanthropist and businessman. He was the founder of P. Carey & Co., the corporate real estate financing firm headquartered in New York City and donated the funds to establish the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University, the Carey School of Law, and the P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
Jan 2 Helmut Müller-Brühl a German conductor.
Jan 2 Vivi Friedman a Finnish film director. She produced the majority of her work in the United States. During her career she worked on advertisements and short films and directed a feature length film, The Family Tree in 2011
Jan 2 Paulo Rodrigues da Silva a Brazilian professional footballer, playing for the Czech team Viktoria Plzeň. He died on 2 January 2012 following a car crash near Bohutín. He was 25
Jan 2 Yoshiro Hayashi a Japanese golfer. He turned pro at the age of 16 and continued with 12 post-war wins. Hayashi was considered one of the big top four Japanese golfers along with Isao Aoki, Masashi Ozaki and Akiko Fukushima
Jan 2 Gordon Hirabayashi an American sociologist, best known for his principled resistance to the Japanese American internment during World War II, and the court case which bears his name, Hirabayashi United States.
Jan 2 Ivan Călin a Moldovan politician.
Jan 2 Ian Bargh a Scottish born Canadian jazz pianist and composer.
Jan 2 Anatoly Kolesov a Russian Soviet-era wrestler and coach. He won a gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. He was also world champion in his weight division in 1962, 1963 and 1965
Jan 2 Larry Reinhardt an American rock guitarist who played with Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond. At one time Reinhardt was known by the nicknames "El Rhino" and "Ryno"
Jan 2 Silvana Gallardo an American film and television actress.
Jan 3 Selorm Kuadey a professional rugby union player who played for Sale Sharks as well as the England national under-20 rugby union team.
Jan 3 Harold Zirin an American solar astronomer also known as Captain Corona to a generation of Caltech Astronomy students.
Jan 3 Gene Bartow an American men's college basketball coach. The Browning, Missouri, native coached 36 years at six universities after coaching two high schools in Missouri for six years. In 1972 Bartow coached the Puerto Rico national basketball team in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games
Jan 3 Joaquín Martínez a Mexican-born film, theater and television actor. Often appearing in Westerns, Martinez was perhaps best known for starring roles in the 1972 film, Jeremiah Johnson, in which he played a Crow chief, Paints His Shirt Red, and the 1972 film, Ulzana's Raid, which was directed by Robert Aldrich and starred Burt Lancaster. Martinez was often typecast in roles that stereotyped Latinos, Native Americans, and Mexicans, but he frequently changed and reworked his characters through his acting, sometimes causing tensions with a production's director
Jan 3 Bob Weston (guitarist) See Bob Weston for the American bassist and recording engineer.
Jan 3 Charles W. Bailey an American journalist, newspaper editor and novelist.
Jan 3 Jenny Tomasin an English actress best known for her roles in Upstairs, Downstairs and Emmerdale.
Jan 3 Winifred Milius Lubell an American illustrator artist and writer. In her early adult years, Milius was active in the Communist Party of the United States and an advocate for social justice. She began her artistic career creating pen and ink portraits of victims of the Great Depression, before proceeding to examine the struggles of the working poor in the towns of the Eastern United States through woodcuts, as well as producing drawings from the sit down strikes in Chicago. An artist and an illustrator, Milius' most notable publications include the illustrations for Dorothy Sterling's Cape Cod natural history book The Outer Lands. In her eighties she wrote and illustrated the women's studies exploration of feminism, sexuality and mythology: The Metamorphosis of Baubo, Myths of Woman's Sexual Energy. She died on January 3, 2012 of congestive heart failure. She was 97
Jan 3 Robert L. Carter an American civil rights activist and a United States District Judge.
Jan 3 Josef Škvorecký a Czech-Canadian writer and publisher who spent much of his life in Canada. Škvorecký was awarded the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 1980. He and his wife were long-time supporters of Czech dissident writers before the fall of communism in that country. Škvorecký's fiction deals with several themes: the horrors of totalitarianism and repression, the expatriate experience, and the miracle of jazz
Jan 3 Stepan Oshchepkov a Soviet-born Russian sprint canoer who competed in the early 1960s. He was born in Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray. At the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, he won the gold in the C-2 1000 m event. He died in Vladivostok, aged 77
Jan 4 Carmen Naranjo a Costa Rican novelist, poet and essayist.
Jan 4 Ruben Ayala (American politician) an American politician. Ayala served as the first elected Mayor of Chino, California from 1964 to 1966, and a California State Senator for twenty-four years from 1974 to 1998
Jan 4 Harry Fowler an English actor in film and television. Over a career lasting more than sixty years, he made nearly 200 appearances on screen
Jan 4 Kerry McGregor a Scottish singer-songwriter and actress from West Lothian. McGregor climbed to national fame after appearing on the third UK series of The X Factor, where she was mentored by Sharon Osbourne. McGregor died on 4 January 2012 of complications from bladder cancer, a disease she had suffered from for years
Jan 4 Richard Alf an American businessman and former comic book store owner who co-founded the San Diego Comic-Con International and served as its chairman beginning in 1970.
Jan 4 David Wheeler (stage director) an American theatrical director. He was the founder and artistic director of the Theater Company of Boston from 1963 to 1975. Wheeler also taught directing and theatre at Harvard University, Boston University, and Brandeis University. He was an Associate Artist at the American Repertory Theater from 1982 until his death in January 2012
Jan 4 Eve Arnold OBE, Hon. FRPS was an American photojournalist. She joined Magnum Photos agency in 1951, and became a full member in 1957
Jan 4 Rod Robbie a Canadian architect and planner. He was known for his design of the Canadian Pavilion at Expo 67 and Toronto's Rogers Centre
Jan 4 Gatewood Galbraith an American author and a constitutional attorney from the U.S. Commonwealth of Kentucky. He was a five-time political candidate for governor of Kentucky
Jan 4 Xaver Unsinn a German ice hockey player and coach. His greatest success was winning the bronze medal at the 1976 Winter Olympics as coach of the German national team. He also competed at the 1952 and 1960 Winter Olympics
Jan 5 Amit Saigal an Indian rock musician, promoter of rock music, publisher and impresario. Saigal founded the music magazine Rock Street Journal and promoted rock music in India. Amit was also termed as "Papa Rock" by the rock music community of India
Jan 5 Thelma Forbes a politician in Manitoba, Canada. She was a Progressive Conservative member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba from 1959 to 1969, and served as a cabinet minister in the governments of Dufferin Roblin and Walter Weir. Forbes was the third woman ever elected to serve in the Manitoba legislature, the first woman to serve as speaker for the legislature and the first to serve in cabinet
Jan 5 Frederica Sagor Maas an American dramatist and playwright, screenwriter, memoirist, and author, the youngest daughter of Russian immigrants. As an essayist Maas was best known for a detailed, tell-all memoir of her time spent in early Hollywood. She was one of the rare supercentenarians known for reasons other than longevity
Jan 5 Alexander Sizonenko a Soviet basketball player.
Jan 5 Samson H. Chowdhury an entrepreneur. He was a Chairman of Astras Ltd. and Square
Jan 5 Don Carter (bowler) a right-handed American professional bowler. Born in Louis, Missouri, he learned the game while working a childhood job as a pinsetter. Carter went on to become one of the legends of ten-pin bowling and a founding member of the Professional Bowlers Association in 1958. He was six-time bowler of the year, a ten-time All-American, and became known simply as "Mr. Bowling." He was voted the Greatest Bowler of All-Time in a 1970 Bowling Magazine poll, and ranked #1 among 20th Century bowlers by Bowlers Journal in 1999. At the vanguard of celebrity endorsement, he capitalized on his fame during televised bowling's most popular period to become the first athlete of any kind to earn $1,000,000 in a single endorsement deal, for Ebonite International