457 in history

457 events chronologically

Feb 7 Leo I becomes emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Apr 1 Majorian is acclaimed emperor by the Roman army
Dec 28 Majorian is acclaimed emperor of the Western Roman Empire and recognized by emperor Leo I the Thracian

Died in 457

Jan 27 Marcian Byzantine Emperor from 450 to 457. Marcian's rule marked a recovery of the Eastern Empire, which the Emperor protected from external menaces and reformed economically and financially. On the other side, the isolationistic policies of Marcian left the Western Roman Empire without help against barbarian attacks, which materialized in the Italian campaigns of Attila and in the Vandal sack of Rome. The Eastern Orthodox Church recognizes Marcian as a saint for his role in convoking the Council of Chalcedon
Oct 28 Ibas of Edessa bishop of Edessa and was born in Syria. His name in Syriac is ܗܝܒܐ ܐܘܪܗܝܐ pronounced Ihiba or Hiba, the equivalent of Donatus. He is frequently associated with the growth of Nestorianism, although his recorded acts do not support this reputation