526 in history

526 events chronologically

May 20 An earthquake kills about 250,000 people in what is now Syria and Antiochia
May 31 A devastating earthquake strikes Antioch, Turkey, killing 250,000
Aug 30 King Theoderic the Great dies of dysentery at Ravenna; his daughter Amalasuntha takes power as regent for her 10-year old son Athalaric

Died in 526

May 18 Pope John I Pope from 13 August 523 to his death in 526. He was a native of Siena , near Chiusdino, in Italy. He is the first pope known to have visited Constantinople while in office
Aug 30 Theoderic the Great king of the Germanic Ostrogoths , ruler of Italy , regent of the Visigoths , and a patricius of the Eastern Roman Empire. His Gothic name Þiudareiks translates into "people-king" or "ruler of the people". Theodoric was born in Pannonia in 454, after his people had defeated the Huns at the Battle of Nedao. His father was King Theodemir, a Germanic Amali nobleman, and his mother was Ereleuva. Theodoric grew up as a hostage in Constantinople, receiving a privileged education, and he succeeded his father as leader of the Pannonian Ostrogoths in 473. Settling his people in lower Moesia, Theoderic came into conflict with Thracian Ostrogoths led by Theodoric Strabo, whom he eventually supplanted, uniting the peoples in 484