558 in history

558 events chronologically

May 7 In Constantinople, the dome of the Hagia Sophia collapses. Justinian I immediately orders that the dome be rebuilt
Dec 23 Chlothar I is crowned King of the Franks

Died in 558

May 13 John the Silent a Christian saint known for living alone for seventy-six years. He was given the surname because he loved recollection and silence. John's feast day is May 13 in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, and December 3 in the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches
May 15 Hilary of Galeata venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. His feast day is May 15
Dec 13 Childebert I a Frankish King of the Merovingian dynasty, as third of the four sons of Clovis I who shared the kingdom of the Franks upon their father's death in 511. He was one of the sons of Saint Clotilda, born at Reims. He reigned as King of Paris from 511 to 558 and Orléans from 524 to 558