643 in history

Born in 643

Apr 29 Hou Junji a major general and chancellor of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, particularly known for his campaigns against Gaochang and Tuyuhun. In 643, he was implicated in a plot by Emperor Taizong's crown prince Li Chengqian to overthrow Emperor Taizong, and he was executed
Sep 19 Goeric of Metz a bishop of Metz.

Died in 643

Oct 7 Duke Huan of Qi a powerful Hegemon, who rose to be a major regional power from his headquarters in the State of Qi, toward the end of the early phase of the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China, which began after the sack of the Western Zhou capital in BCE 771, and ended with his death. He is listed as one of the "Five Hegemons". His ancestral name was Jiang , clan name Lǚ ,and given name Xiǎobái