662 in history

Born in 662

Jun 22 Emperor Ruizong of Tang the fifth and ninth emperor of Tang Dynasty. He was the eighth son of Emperor Gaozong and the fourth son of Emperor Gaozong's second wife Empress Wu

Died in 662

Jan 16 Pope Benjamin I of Alexandria 38th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of Mark. He is regarded as one of the greatest patriarchs of the Coptic Church. Benjamin guided the Coptic church through a period of turmoil in Egyptian history that included the fall of Egypt to the Sassanid Empire, followed by Egypt's reconquest under the Byzantines, and finally the Arab Islamic Conquest in 642. After the Arab conquest Pope Benjamin, who was in exile, was allowed to return to Alexandria and resume the patriarchate
Aug 13 Maximus the Confessor a Christian monk, theologian, and scholar.
Dec 5 Pelinus a Basilian monk, later bishop of Brindisi in Italy, martyred at Corfinio and made a saint in 668.