687 in history

687 events chronologically

Jun 26 Pope Benedict II chosen
Dec 15 Pope Sergius I is elected

Born in 687

Sep 21 Antipope Theodore considered an antipope of the Roman Catholic Church.
Sep 21 Antipope Paschal considered an antipope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Died in 687

Mar 20 Cuthbert a saint of the early Northumbrian church in the Celtic tradition. He was a monk, bishop and hermit, associated with the monasteries of Melrose and Lindisfarne in what might loosely be termed the Kingdom of Northumbria in the Northeast of England. After his death he became one of the most important medieval saints of Northern England, with a cult centred on his tomb at Durham Cathedral. Cuthbert is regarded as the patron saint of northern England. His feast day is 20 March
Sep 21 Pope Conon Pope from 21 October 686 to his death in 687. He had been put forward as a compromise candidate, there being a conflict between the two factions resident in Rome—military and clerical. On his death, Conon was buried in the Patriarchal Basilica of Peter