689 in history

Died in 689

Apr 20 Cædwalla of Wessex the King of Wessex from approximately 685 until he abdicated in 688. His name is derived from the British Cadwallon. He was exiled from Wessex as a youth and during his exile gathered forces and attacked the South Saxons, killing their king, Æthelwealh, in what is now Sussex. Cædwalla was unable to hold the South Saxon territory, however, and was driven out by Æthelwealh's ealdormen. In either 685 or 686 he became King of Wessex. He may have been involved in suppressing rival dynasties at this time, as an early source records that Wessex was ruled by underkings until Cædwalla
May 10 Prince Kusakabe a Japanese imperial crown prince from 681 until his death. He was the second son of Emperor Temmu. His mother was the empress Unonosarara, today known as Empress Jitō
Jul 8 Saint Kilian an Irish missionary bishop and the Apostle of Franconia , where he began his labours towards the end of the 7th century. His feast day is July 8