710 in history

710 events chronologically

Oct 27 Saracen invasion of Sardinia

Died in 710

Mar 27 Rupert of Salzburg a saint in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and a founder of the Austrian city of Salzburg. He was a contemporary of Childebert III, king of the Franks
Jun 30 Saint Erentrude a virgin saint of the Roman Catholic Church and was the niece of Saint Rupert of Salzburg. Her date and place of birth are unknown, but it may be presumed that she was born in present-day Germany or Austria, in the latter part of the 7th century. She followed her uncle from Worms to Salzburg, where she was installed by him as the first abbess of Nonnberg Abbey. She died on 30 June 710, the same year as Saint Rupert
Jul 3 Emperor Zhongzong of Tang the fourth Emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, ruling briefly in 684 and again from 705 to 710.