784 in history

Died in 784

May 4 Arbeo of Freising an early medieval author and Bishop of Freising from 764.
Jul 16 Fulrad born in 710 into a wealthy family, and died on July 16, 784 as the Abbot of Denis. He was the counselor of both Pippin and Charlemagne. Historians see Fulrad as important due to his significance in the rise of the Frankish Kingdom, and the insight he gives into early Carolingian society. He was noted to be have been always on the side on Charlemagne, especially during the attack from the Saxons on Regnum Franserum , and the Royal Mandatum. Other historians have taken a closer look at Fulrad’s interactions with the papacy. When Fulrad was the counselor of Pepin he was closely in contact with the papacy to gain approval for Pepin’s appoint as King of the Franks. During his time under Charlemagne, he had dealings with the papacy again for different reasons. When he became Abbot of Denis , Fulrad’s life became important in the lives of distinct historical figures in various ways during his period as Denis’s abbot during the mid-eighth century. Saint Fulrad’s Feast Day is on July 16
Aug 21 Alberic of Utrecht today the Netherlands.
Nov 27 Vergilius of Salzburg an Irish churchman, an early astronomer, bishop of Ossory and lster, bishop of Salzburg. He was called "the geometer"