823 in history

823 events chronologically

Apr 5 Lothair I is crowned King of Italy by Pope Paschal I

Born in 823

Jun 13 Charles the Bald the King of West Francia , King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor. After a series of civil wars that began during the reign of his father, Louis the Pious, Charles succeeded by the Treaty of Verdun in acquiring the western third of the Carolingian Empire. He was a grandson of Charlemagne and the youngest son of Louis the Pious by his second wife, Judith
Sep 6 Gondulphus of Metz the Bishop of Metz from 816 until his death.
Sep 27 Ermentrude of Orléans Queen of the Franks by her marriage to Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of West Francia. She was the daughter of Odo, Count of Orléans and his wife Engeltrude
Oct 5 Boniface II Margrave of Tuscany the count and duke of Lucca and first margrave of Tuscany from about 828. He succeeded his father Boniface I in Lucca — in what was an early example of hereditary succession — and extended his power over the region. During his tenure, the bishops of Lucca gradually lost control of the municipal government, which fell to the counts