842 in history

842 events chronologically

Feb 14 Charles the Bald and Louis the German swear the Oaths of Strasbourg in the French and German languages

Died in 842

Jan 5 Al-Mu'tasim the eighth Abbasid caliph, ruling from 833 to his death in 842. A son of Harun al-Rashid, he succeeded his half-brother al-Ma'mun, under whom he had served as a military commander and governor. His reign was marked by the introduction of the Turkish slave-soldiers and the establishment for them of a new capital at Samarra. This was a watershed in the Caliphate's history, as the Turks would soon come to dominate the Abbasid government, eclipsing the Arab and Iranian elites that had played a major role in the early period of the Abbasid state. Domestically, al-Mu'tasim continued al-Ma'mun's support of Mu'tazilism and its inquisition , and centralised administration, reducing the power of provincial governors in favour of a small group of senior civil and military officials in Samarra. Al-Mu'tasim's reign was also marked by continuous warfare, both against internal rebellions like the Khurramite revolt of Babak Khorramdin or the uprising of Mazyar of Tabaristan, but also against the Byzantine Empire, where the Caliph personally led the celebrated Sack of Amorium, which secured his reputation as a warrior-caliph
Jan 20 Theophilos (emperor) the Byzantine Emperor from 829 until his death in 842. He was the second emperor of the Amorian dynasty and the last emperor to support iconoclasm. Theophilos personally led the armies in his lifelong war against the Arabs, beginning in 831
Mar 20 Alfonso II of Asturias the king of Asturias from 791 to his death, the son of Fruela I and the Basque Munia.
Aug 24 Emperor Saga the 52nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. Saga's reign spanned the years from 809 through 823
Nov 20 Gregory of Dekapolis a 9th-century Byzantine monk, notable for his miracle-working and his travels across the Byzantine world. He is known as "the New Miracle-Worker" , and his feast day in the Eastern Orthodox Church is on November 20