855 in history

Born in 855

Nov 20 Theoktistos an influential senior Byzantine official during the reigns of Michael II and his son Theophilos, and the de facto head of the regency for the underage Michael III from 842 until his dismissal and murder in 855. He is noted for his administrative and political competence, for ending the Byzantine Iconoclasm, and for helping the ongoing renaissance in education within the Empire

Died in 855

Jul 17 Pope Leo IV Pope from 10 April 847 to his death in 855.
Sep 29 Lothair I the Emperor of the Romans , co-ruling with his father until 840, and the King of Bavaria , Italy and Middle Francia. The territory of Lorraine is named after him
Dec 8 Drogo of Metz an illegitimate son of Frankish emperor Charlemagne by the concubine Regina.