864 in history

864 events chronologically

Jul 25 The Edict of Pistres of Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings

Born in 864

Sep 13 Pietro Tradonico the Doge of Venice from 836 to 864. He was, according to tradition, the thirteenth doge, though historically he is only the eleventh. His election broke the power of the Participazio. He was illiterate, and forced to sign all state documents with the signum manus. He was a warrior, not an administrator

Died in 864

Mar 12 Liudolf Duke of Saxony a Saxon count, son of Count Brun and his wife, Gisla von Verla; later authors called him Duke of the Eastern Saxons and Count of Eastphalia. Liudolf had extended possessions in eastern Saxony, and was a leader in the wars of King Louis the German against Normans and Slavs. The ruling Liudolfing House, also known as the Ottonian dynasty, is named after him; he is its oldest verified member