880 in history

880 events chronologically

May 1 The Nea Ekklesia is inaugurated in Constantinople, setting the model for all later cross-in-square Orthodox churches
Dec 22 Luoyang, eastern capital of the Tang Dynasty, is captured by rebel leader Huang Chao during the reign of Emperor Xizong

Died in 880

Feb 2 Bruno Duke of Saxony Duke of Saxony from 866 to his death. He was the eldest son of the Saxon count Liudolf and his wife, Oda of Billung. Bruno is rated as the progenitor of the Brunonen noble family, a branch of the Ottonian dynasty. However some mentions appear to refer to an earlier Saxon margrave Brun the Younger, possibly a grandfather, but this is unclear
Mar 22 Carloman of Bavaria a Frankish king of the Carolingian dynasty. He was the eldest son of Louis the German, king of East Francia, and Hemma, daughter of a Bavarian count. His father appointed him margrave of Pannonia in 856, and upon his father's death in 876 he became King of Bavaria. He claimed the Kingdom of Italy from 875, but only conquered it in 877. In 879 he was incapacitated, perhaps by a stroke. On his death his kingdoms passed to his younger brothers: Bavaria to Louis the Younger and Italy to Charles the Fat
Jul 9 Ariwara no Narihira a Japanese waka poet and aristocrat. He was one of six waka poets referred in the preface in kana to Kokin Wakashū by Ki no Tsurayuki, and has been named as the hero of The Tales of Ise, whose hero was an anonym in itself but most of whose love affairs could be attributed to Narihira