934 in history

934 events chronologically

Mar 16 Meng Zhixiang declares himself emperor and establishes Later Shu as a new state independent of Later Tang

Born in 934

Jun 5 An-Nasir Ahmad the third imam of the Zaidi state in Yemen. Through his active leadership he confirmed and expanded the polity founded by his two predecessors
Nov 2 Emma of France a French princess by birth and queen by marriage. She was the daughter of Robert I of France and either Aelis of Maine or Béatrice of Vermandois. Her family is known as the Robertians

Died in 934

Mar 4 Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah the founder of the Fatimid Caliphate, the only major Shi'a caliphate in Islam, and established Fatimid rule throughout much of North Africa.
Nov 1 Beornstan of Winchester an English Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated in May 931. He died on 1 November 934. After his death, he was revered as a saint