956 in history

Born in 956

Apr 8 Gilbert Duke of Burgundy count of Chalon, Autun, Troyes, Avallon and Dijon, and duke of Burgundy between 952 and 956. He ruled Burgundy jure uxoris, his wife Ermengarde being of the family of Richard the Justiciar. By her he had two daughters: Adelais and Liutgarde. Gilbert never managed to maintain the independence of the duchy in the struggles for power of 10th century France. In 955, he became a vassal of Hugh the Great, count of Paris and married his oldest daughter, Lieutgard, to Hugh's son Otto of Paris

Died in 956

Feb 27 Theophylact of Constantinople Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 2 February 933 to his death in 956.
Jun 16 Hugh the Great the Duke of the Franks and Count of Paris.