968 in history

Died in 968

Mar 2 William (archbishop of Mainz) Archbishop of Mainz from 17 December 954 until his death. He was the son of the Emperor Otto I the Great and a Slav mother
Mar 14 Matilda of Ringelheim the wife of King Henry I of Germany, the first ruler of the Saxon Ottonian dynasty, thereby Duchess of Saxony from 912 and Queen of Germany from 919 until her husband's death in 936. Their eldest son Otto succeeded his father as King of Germany and years later was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 962, thus ending the vacancy of this office begun in 924 with the death of Holy Roman Emperor Berengar I of Italy. Matilda lived to see the imperial crown restored under her son. Matilda's surname refers to Ringelheim, where her comital Immedinger relatives established a convent about 940