972 in history

972 events chronologically

Apr 14 Emperor Otto II married Princess Theophano, niece of Byzantine Emperor John Tzimisces, leading to a significant impact on German intellectual life, including interest in Greek literature and Byzantine art
Jun 24 Battle of Cedynia, the first documented victory of Polish forces, takes place

Born in 972

Mar 27 Robert II of France King of the Franks from 996 until his death. The second reigning member of the House of Capet, he was born in Orléans to Hugh Capet and Adelaide of Aquitaine
May 6 Henry II Holy Roman Emperor also known as Saint Henry, Obl. B. , was Holy Roman Emperor from 1014 until his death in 1024 and the last member of the Ottonian dynasty of Emperors as he had no children. The Duke of Bavaria from 995, Henry became King of Germany following the sudden death of his second cousin, Emperor Otto III in 1002, was crowned King of Italy in 1004, and was crowned by the Pope as Emperor in 1014

Died in 972

Sep 6 Pope John XIII Pope from 1 October 965 to his death in 972. His pontificate was caught up in the continuing conflict between the Emperor, Otto I, and the Roman nobility