975 in history

Born in 975

Feb 6 Emperor Sanjō the 67th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Jul 25 Thietmar of Merseburg a German chronicler who was also bishop of Merseburg.
Oct 15 Oberto I an Italian count palatine and margrave and the oldest known member of the Obertenghi family. He was, by heredity, Count of Milan from 951. Otbert's father was Margrave Adalbert, about whom nothing is known other than his name and title

Died in 975

Jul 8 Edgar the Peaceful king of England from 959 to 975. Edgar was the younger son of Edmund I
Nov 26 Conrad of Constance a bishop and saint.
Dec 19 Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah the fourth Fatimid Caliph and 14th Ismaili imam, and reigned from 953 to 975. It was during his caliphate that the center of power of the Fatimid dynasty was moved from Ifriqiya to the newly conquered Egypt. Fatimids founded the city of al-Qāhiratu "the Victorious" in 969 as the new capital of the Fāṭimid caliphate in Egypt