976 in history

Died in 976

Jan 10 John I Tzimiskes the senior Byzantine Emperor from December 11, 969 to January 10, 976. An intuitive and successful general, he strengthened the Empire and expanded its borders during his short reign
Jun 29 Gero (archbishop of Cologne) Archbishop of Cologne from 969 until his death.
Oct 8 Helen of Zadar the queen consort of the Kingdom of Croatia, as the wife of King Michael Krešimir II, from 946 to 969, a period which was allegedly marked by "peace, order and expeditious growth". She became the queen dowager of Croatia after her husband and reigned until her death. Queen Helen was "revered by her subjects" and "most adored for her charity"
Oct 16 Al-Hakam II the second Caliph of Córdoba, in Al-Andalus , and son of Abd-ar-Rahman III and Murjan. He ruled from 961 to 976
Nov 14 Emperor Taizu of Song the founding emperor of imperial China's Song Dynasty, reigning from 960 until his death. A distinguished military general under the Later Zhou, he came to power by staging a coup d'état and forcing the young Emperor Gong of Later Zhou to abdicate power