992 in history

Born in 992

Jun 15 Michael I of Kiev (metropolitan) a saint and the first Metropolitan of Kiev and All-Rus' from 988-992. June 15 and September 30 are dedicated to him on the Julian Calendar

Died in 992

Feb 29 Oswald of Worcester Archbishop of York from 972 to his death in 992. He was of Danish ancestry, but brought up by his uncle, Oda, who sent him to France to the abbey of Fleury to become a monk. After a number of years at Fleury, Oswald returned to England at the request of his uncle, who died before Oswald returned. With his uncle's death, Oswald needed a patron and turned to another kinsman, Oskytel, who had recently become Archbishop of York. His activity for Oskytel attracted the notice of Archbishop Dunstan who had Oswald consecrated as Bishop of Worcester in 961. In 972 Oswald was promoted to the see of York, although he continued to hold Worcester also
May 25 Mieszko I of Poland the ruler of the Polans from about 960 until his death. A member of the Piast dynasty, he was a son of Siemomysł, a grandchild of Lestek, the father of Bolesław I the Brave , the likely father of Sigrid the Haughty and the grandfather of Cnut the Great
Jun 27 Conan I of Rennes the Duke of Brittany from 990 to his death. He was the son of Judicael Berengar and Gerberga, and succeeded his father as Count of Rennes in 970