999 in history

Born in 999

Apr 11 Bao Zheng a government officer during the reign of Emperor Renzong in ancient China's Song Dynasty. During his twenty five years in civil service, Bao consistently demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness, with actions such as sentencing his own uncle, impeaching an uncle of Emperor Renzong's favourite concubine and punishing powerful families. His appointment from 1057 to 1058 as the prefect of Song's capital Kaifeng, where he initiated a number of changes to better hear the grievances of the people, made him a legendary figure

Died in 999

Feb 7 Boleslaus II Duke of Bohemia a Bohemian nobleman. He was a member of the Přemyslid dynasty and was the ruling Duke of Bohemia from 972 until his death
Feb 18 Pope Gregory V Pope from 3 May 996 to his death in 999.
Dec 16 Adelaide of Italy the second wife of Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great and was crowned as the Holy Roman Empress with him by Pope John XII in Rome on February 2, 962. She was the daughter-in-law of Queen Matilda of East Francia. Empress Adelaide was perhaps the most prominent European woman of the 10th century; she was regent of the Holy Roman Empire as the guardian of her grandson in 991-995