April 1661 in history

April 1661 events chronologically

Apr 23 King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland is crowned in Westminster Abbey

Born in April 1661

Apr 11 Antoine Coypel a history painter, the more famous son of the French painter Noël Coypel.
Apr 16 Charles Montagu 1st Earl of Halifax an English poet and statesman.
Apr 21 Georg Joseph Kamel a Czech Jesuit missionary and botanist to the Philippines. He is the author of the first descriptions of the Philippine flora and fauna. Also the first depiction of Philippine tarsier comes from Kamel. He was also the founder of the first Philippine Botanical Garden and first Philippine farmacy from where he treated a large population of the Luzon island. The well known genus of flowering plants Camellia was named in his honour by Carolus Linnaeus

Died in April 1661

Apr 4 Alexander Leslie 1st Earl of Leven a Scottish soldier in Dutch, Swedish and Scottish service. Born illegitimate and raised as a foster child, he subsequently advanced to the rank of a Dutch captain, a Swedish Field Marshal, and in Scotland became lord general in command of the Covenanters, privy councillor, captain of Edinburgh Castle, Lord Balgonie and Earl of Leven
Apr 7 Sir William Brereton 1st Baronet an English writer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1628 and 1659. He was a commander in the Parliamentary army in the English Civil War