April 1671 in history

April 1671 events chronologically

Apr 30 Petar Zrinski, the Croatian Ban from the Zrinski family, is executed

Born in April 1671

Apr 6 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau a French dramatist and poet, particularly noted for his short cynical epigrams.

Died in April 1671

Apr 24 François Vatel the majordomo of Nicolas Fouquet and prince Louis II de Bourbon-Condé.
Apr 30 Petar Zrinski a Croatian Ban and writer. A member of the Zrinski noble family, he was noted for his role in the attempted Croatian-Hungarian rebellion of 1664-1670 which ultimately led to his execution for high treason
Apr 30 Fran Krsto Frankopan a Croatian baroque poet, nobleman and politician in the 17th century. He is remembered primarily for his involvement in the failed Zrinski-Frankopan conspiracy