April 1708 in history

Born in April 1708

Apr 6 Johann Georg Reutter an Austrian composer. According to Wyn Jones, in his prime he was "the single most influential musician in Vienna"
Apr 23 Friedrich von Hagedorn born at Hamburg, where his father, a man of scientific and literary taste, was Danish ambassador.
Apr 23 Mavra Shuvalova a Russian lady in waiting, socialite and noble and a confidante of Empress Elizabeth of Russia. She was in 1742 married to Count Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov. She played an influential role in Russia during the reign of Elizabeth

Died in April 1708

Apr 20 Damaris Cudworth Masham an English philosopher.
Apr 23 Christian Augustus Count Palatine of Sulzbach the Count Palatine of Sulzbach from 1632 until 1708.