April 1773 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in April 1773

Apr 4 Étienne Maurice Gérard a French general and statesman. He served under a succession of French governments including the ancien regime monarchy, the Revolutionary governments, the Restorations, the July Monarchy, the First and Second Republics, and the First Empire , becoming Prime Minister briefly in 1834
Apr 5 Duchess Therese of Mecklenburg-Strelitz a member of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and a Duchess of Mecklenburg. Through her marriage to Karl Alexander, 5th Prince of Thurn and Taxis, Therese was also a member of the House of Thurn and Taxis
Apr 6 James Mill a Scottish historian, economist, political theorist, and philosopher. He was a founder of classical economics, together with David Ricardo, and the father of John Stuart Mill, the philosopher of liberalism. His influential "History of British India" contains a complete denunciation and rejection of Indian culture and civilisation
Apr 12 Thomas Thomson (chemist) a Scottish chemist and mineralogist whose writings contributed to the early spread of Dalton's atomic theory.
Apr 14 Jean-Baptiste de Villèle a French statesman. Several time Prime minister, he was a leader of the Ultra-royalist faction during the Bourbon Restoration
Apr 15 Josef August Schultes an Austrian botanist and professor from Vienna. Together with Johann Jacob Roemer , he published the 16th edition of Linnaeus' Systema Vegetabilium. In 1821, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was the father of Julius Hermann Schultes
Apr 30 Johann Karl Burckhardt a German-born astronomer and mathematician who later became a naturalized French citizen. He is remembered in particular for his work in fundamental astronomy, and for his lunar theory, which was in widespread use for the construction of navigational ephemerides of the Moon for much of the first half of the nineteenth century

Died in April 1773

Apr 13 Jakub Fontana a Polish architect of Italian origin, a representative of the Baroque and Neoclassicism styles, the court architect of Polish kings, and was knighted in 1764. He was the son of Józef II Fontana, and the brother of Jan Kanty Fontana