April 1799 in history

April 1799 events chronologically

Apr 16 Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Mount Tabor – Napoleon drives Ottoman Turks across the River Jordan near Acre

Born in April 1799

Apr 5 Jacques Denys Choisy a Swiss Protestant clergyman and botanist.
Apr 12 Henri Druey a Swiss politician of the 19th century and a founding father of constitutional democracy in Switzerland.
Apr 13 Ludwig Rellstab a German poet and music critic. He was born and died in Berlin. He was the son of the music publisher and composer Johann Carl Friedrich Rellstab. An able pianist, he published articles in various periodicals, including the influential liberal Vossische Zeitung, and launched the music journal Iris im Gebiete der Tonkunst, which was published in Berlin from 1830 to 1841. His outspoken criticism of the influence in Berlin of Gaspare Spontini landed him in jail in 1837
Apr 18 François Mathias René Leprieur a French pharmacist and naturalist. Throughout his career, he collected specimens in the fields of entomology, ichthyology and botany
Apr 19 Wojciech Jastrzębowski a Polish scientist, naturalist and inventor, professor of botanic, physics, zoology and horticulture at Instytut Rolniczo-Leśny in Marymont in Warsaw. He was one of the fathers of ergonomics
Apr 21 Mihály Táncsics a Hungarian writer, teacher, journalist and politician.

Died in April 1799

Apr 3 Pierre Charles Le Monnier a French astronomer. His name is sometimes given as Lemonnier
Apr 4 Antoni Barnaba Jabłonowski a Polish noble and political activist.
Apr 5 Johann Christoph Gatterer a German historian who was a native of Lichtenau. He was the father of cameralist Christoph Wilhelm Jacob Gatterer and poet Magdalena Philippine Engelhard
Apr 6 Alexander Bezborodko the Grand Chancellor of Russia and chief architect of Catherine the Great's foreign policy after the death of Nikita Panin.
Apr 17 Richard Jupp an 18th-century English architect, particularly associated with buildings in and around London.
Apr 19 Pieter Hellendaal an Anglo-Dutch composer, organist and violinist. He was sometimes distinguished with the suffix "The Elder", after the maturity of his musician son, Pieter Hellendaal the Younger
Apr 27 Louis-Marie-Joseph Maximilian Caffarelli du Falga a French commander and scholar. His younger brothers Marie-François Auguste de Caffarelli du Falga and Louis-Marie-Joseph Caffarelli were also generals