April 1811 in history

Born in April 1811

Apr 5 Jules Dupré a French painter, one of the chief members of the Barbizon school of landscape painters. If Corot stands for the lyric and Rousseau for the epic aspect of the poetry of nature, Dupré is the exponent of his tragic and dramatic aspects
Apr 9 Joseph Kleutgen a German Jesuit theologian and philosopher.
Apr 14 Félix Le Couppey a French music teacher, pianist and composer of a series of elementary études for piano students.
Apr 16 Émilien de Nieuwerkerke a French sculptor of Dutch descent and a high-level civil servant in the Second French Empire. He is also notable as the lover of Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, after her estrangement from her husband Anatole Demidov
Apr 21 Alson Sherman served as Mayor of Chicago, Illinois for the Independent Democrat Party.
Apr 22 Otto Hesse a German mathematician. Hesse was born in Königsberg, Prussia, and died in Munich, Bavaria. He worked on algebraic invariants. The Hessian matrix, the Hesse normal form, the Hesse configuration, the Hessian group, Hessian pairs, Hesse's theorem, and the Hesse pencil are named after him
Apr 23 Carl Ferdinand Allen a Danish historian. He studied at the University of Copenhagen

Died in April 1811

Apr 5 Robert Raikes an English philanthropist and Anglican layman, noted for his promotion of Sunday schools. Pre-dating state schooling and by 1831 schooling 1,250,000 children, they are seen as the first schools of the English state school system
Apr 7 Dositej Obradović a Serbian author, philosopher, linguist, traveler, polyglot and the first minister of education of Serbia. An influential protagonist of the Serbian national and cultural renaissance, he advocated Enlightenment and rationalist ideas while remaining a Serbian patriot and an adherent of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Founder of modern Serbian literature, he is commonly referred to by his mononym, first name alone. He became a monk in the Serb Orthodox monastery of Hopovo, in the Srem region, and acquired the name Dositej. He translated many European classics, including Aesop's Fables, into Serbian
Apr 7 Garsevan Chavchavadze a Georgian politician and diplomat primarily known as a Georgian ambassador to Imperial Russia.
Apr 12 D'Ewes Coke rector of Pinxton and South Normanton in Derbyshire, a colliery owner and philanthropist.
Apr 13 Arkadi Suvorov a Russian general. A son of Alexander Suvorov, he rose to the rank of lieutenant general
Apr 26 John Fraser (botanist) a Scottish botanist who collected plant specimens around the world, from North America and the West Indies to Russia and points between, with his primary career activity from 1780 to 1810. Fraser was a commissioned plant collector for Catherine, Czar of Russia in 1795, Paul I of Russia in 1798, and for the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna in 1806; he issued nursery catalogues 1790 and 1796, and had an important herbarium that was eventually sold to the Linnean Society