April 1814 in history

April 1814 events chronologically

Apr 4 Napoleon abdicates for the first time and names his son Napoleon II as Emperor of the French
Apr 6 Nominal beginning of the Bourbon Restoration; anniversary date that Napoleon abdicates and is exiled to Elba
Apr 11 The Treaty of Fontainebleau ends the War of the Sixth Coalition against Napoleon Bonaparte, and forces him to abdicate unconditionally for the first time

Top 7 most famous people born in April 1814

Apr 3 Lorenzo Snow the fifth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1898 to his death. Snow was the last president of the LDS Church in the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth
Apr 5 Felix Lichnowsky a son of the historian Eduard Lichnowsky who had written a history of the Habsburg family.
Apr 17 August Grisebach a German botanist and phytogeographer. Born in Hannover on April 17, 1814, he died at Göttingen on May 9, 1879
Apr 17 Josif Pančić a Serbian botanist, doctor, a famous lecturer at the Great School in Belgrade and the first president of the Serbian Royal Academy. He extensively documented the flora of Serbia, and is credited with having classified many species of plants which were unknown to the botanical community at that time. Pančić is credited for discovering the Serbian Spruce
Apr 19 Louis Amédée Achard a prolific French novelist.
Apr 21 Angela Burdett-Coutts 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts a nineteenth-century philanthropist, the daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Baronet and the former Sophia Coutts, daughter of banker Thomas Coutts. In 1837 she became one of the wealthiest women in England when she inherited her grandfather's fortune of around £1.8 million pounds sterling, following the death of her stepgrandmother, Harriot Mellon. She joined the surnames of her father and grandfather, by royal licence, to become Burdett-Coutts. Edward VII is reported to have described her as, "fter my mother, the most remarkable woman in the kingdom."
Apr 25 José Balta a Peruvian soldier and politician who was president of Peru from 1868 to 1872. He was the son of John Balta Bru and Agustina Montero Casafranca

Died in April 1814

Apr 1 Joseph de Ferraris an Austrian general and cartographer.
Apr 12 Charles Burney an English music historian, composer and musician, and father of the writers Frances Burney and Sarah Burney.
Apr 25 Louis-Sébastien Mercier a French dramatist and writer.