August 1190 in history

Died in August 1190

Aug 1 Floris III Count of Holland Count of Holland from 1157 to 1190. He was a son of Dirk VI and Sophia of Rheineck, heiress of Bentheim
Aug 16 Dedi III Margrave of Lusatia Count of Wettin as Dido From 1144, he was Lord of Groitzsch. From 1156, Count of Groitzsch and also Count of Rochlitz, and from 1185 also Margrave of Lusatia and Count of Eilenburg and Landsberg
Aug 21 Godfrey III Count of Louvain count of Louvain , landgrave of Brabant, margrave of Antwerp, and duke of Lower Lorraine from 1142 to his death.