August 1328 in history

August 1328 events chronologically

Aug 16 The House of Gonzaga seizes power in the Duchy of Mantua, and will rule until 1708
Aug 23 Battle of Cassel: French troops stop an uprising of Flemish farmers

Died in August 1328

Aug 6 Galeazzo I Visconti lord of Milan from 1322 to 1327.
Aug 15 Yesün Temür Khan Emperor Taiding of Yuan a great-grandson of Kublai Khan and ruled as Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty from 1323 to 1328. He is regarded as the 10th Khagan of the Mongols in Mongolia. In Chinese, Yesün Temür Khan, who was very fond of the traditional ways of the Mongols, is known as the Emperor Taiding from his era's name. His name means "nine iron Khan" in the Mongolian language