August 1647 in history

August 1647 events chronologically

Aug 8 The Irish Confederate Wars and Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Dungan's Hill: English Parliamentary forces defeat Irish forces

Born in August 1647

Aug 4 Giovanni II Cornaro a Venetian nobleman and statesman; he served as the 111th Doge of Venice from 22 May 1709 until his death.
Aug 12 Johann Heinrich Acker a German writer. He sometimes wrote under the name of Melissander
Aug 22 Denis Papin a French physicist, mathematician and inventor, best known for his pioneering invention of the steam digester, the forerunner of the steam engine, and of the pressure cooker.
Aug 28 Erik Carlsson Sjöblad a Swedish governor, admiral, and baron.

Died in August 1647

Aug 12 Matthew Hopkins an English witch-hunter whose career flourished during the time of the English Civil War. He claimed to hold the office of Witchfinder General, although that title was never bestowed by Parliament. His witch-hunts mainly took place in the eastern counties of Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and occasionally in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Huntingdonshire
Aug 24 Nicholas Stone an English sculptor and architect. In 1619 he was appointed master-mason to James I, and in 1626 to Charles I
Aug 27 Pietro Novelli an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Palermo. Also known as il Monrealese or Pietro "Malta" Novelli to distinguish him from his father, Pietro Antonio Novelli. He was also nicknamed by contemporaries as the Raphael of Sicily