August 1764 in history

Born in August 1764

Aug 1 Stepan Malygin a Russian Arctic explorer.
Aug 13 Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers a French Army general who fought in the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. He was the father of Achille Baraguey d'Hilliers, a Marshal of France, and the father-in-law of General Damrémont, governor-general of Algeria
Aug 20 Samuel L. Mitchill an American physician, naturalist, and politician who lived in Plandome, New York.
Aug 22 Charles Percier a neoclassical French architect, interior decorator and designer, who worked in a close partnership with Pierre François Léonard Fontaine, originally his friend from student days. For work undertaken from 1794 onward, trying to ascribe conceptions or details to one or other of them is fruitless; it is impossible to disentangle their cooperative efforts in this fashion. Together, Percier and Fontaine were inventors and major proponents of the rich, grand, consciously-archaeological versions of neoclassicism we recognise as Directoire style and Empire style
Aug 31 Johan August Sandels a Swedish soldier and politician, being appointed Governor of Norway 1818 and Field Marshal in 1824. He also served as acting Over-Governor of Stockholm in 1815