August 1836 in history

August 1836 events chronologically

Aug 30 The city of Houston is founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen

Top 7 most famous people born in August 1836

Aug 7 Evander M. Law an author, teacher, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War.
Aug 11 Cato Maximilian Guldberg a Norwegian mathematician and chemist.
Aug 13 Nicholas of Japan a Russian Orthodox priest, monk, bishop, and saint. He introduced the Eastern Orthodox Church to Japan. The Orthodox cathedral of Tokyo , Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral, was informally named after him as Nikorai-do, first by the local community, and today nationwide, in remembrance of his work
Aug 23 Marie Henriette of Austria the second Queen consort of the Belgians. She was married to King Leopold II of Belgium
Aug 25 Bret Harte an American author and poet, best remembered for his short fiction featuring miners, gamblers, and other romantic figures of the California Gold Rush. In a career spanning more than four decades, he wrote poetry, fiction, plays, lectures, book reviews, editorials, and magazine sketches in addition to fiction. As he moved from California to the eastern U.S. to Europe, he incorporated new subjects and characters into his stories, but his Gold Rush tales have been most often reprinted, adapted, and admired
Aug 25 Enomoto Takeaki a samurai and admiral of the Tokugawa navy of Bakumatsu-period Japan, who remained faithful to the Tokugawa shogunate who fought against the new Meiji government until the end of the Boshin War. He later served in the Meiji government as one of the founders of the Imperial Japanese Navy
Aug 30 Georg August Schweinfurth a Baltic German botanist, traveller in East Central Africa and ethnologist.

Top 7 most famous people died in August 1836

Aug 2 Carlos Frederico Lecor Viscount of Laguna a Portuguese general and politician. He was the first Baron of Laguna, in Portugal, and later ascended to Viscount of Laguna, in Brazil
Aug 16 Marc-Antoine Parseval now known as Parseval's theorem, which presaged the unitarity of the Fourier transform.
Aug 17 Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel a cadet member of the house of Hesse-Kassel and a Danish general field marshal. Brought up with relatives at the Danish court, he spent most of his life in Denmark, serving as royal governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig-Holstein from 1769 to 1836
Aug 21 Claude-Louis Navier a French engineer and physicist who specialized in mechanics.
Aug 21 Edward Turner Bennett an English zoologist and writer. He was the elder brother of the botanist John Joseph Bennett
Aug 25 William Elford Leach an English zoologist and marine biologist.
Aug 25 Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland a German physician. He is famous as the most eminent practical physician of his time in Germany and as the author of numerous works displaying extensive reading and a cultivated critical faculty