August 1904 in history

August 1904 events chronologically

Aug 10 Russo-Japanese War: the Battle of the Yellow Sea between the Russian and Japanese battleship fleets takes place
Aug 23 The automobile tire chain is patented

Top 7 most famous people born in August 1904

Aug 3 Clifford D. Simak an American science fiction writer. He was honored by fans with three Hugo Awards and by colleagues with one Nebula Award. The Science Fiction Writers of America made him its third SFWA Grand Master and the Horror Writers Association made him one of three inaugural winners of the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement
Aug 4 Witold Gombrowicz a Polish writer. His works are characterised by deep psychological analysis, a certain sense of paradox and absurd, anti-nationalist flavor. In 1937 he published his first novel, Ferdydurke, which presented many of his usual themes: the problems of immaturity and youth, the creation of identity in interactions with others, and an ironic, critical examination of class roles in Polish society and culture. He gained fame only during the last years of his life, but is now considered one of the foremost figures of Polish literature. His diaries were published in 1969 and are, according to the Paris Review, "widely considered his masterpiece"
Aug 12 Alexei Nikolaevich Tsarevich of Russia the Tsesarevich and heir apparent to the throne of the Russian Empire. He was the youngest child and only son of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. He was born with hemophilia; his mother's reliance on the starets Grigori Rasputin to treat the disease helped bring about the end of the Romanov dynasty. After the February Revolution of 1917, he and his family were sent into internal exile in Tobolsk, Siberia. He was murdered alongside his parents, four sisters, and three retainers during the Russian Civil War by order of the Bolshevik government, though rumors that he had survived persisted until the 2007 discovery of his and one of his sister's remains. The family was formally interred on 17 July 1998—the eightieth anniversary of the murder—and were canonized as passion bearers by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000
Aug 16 Wendell Meredith Stanley an American biochemist, virologist and Nobel laureate.
Aug 21 Count Basie an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer. His mother taught him to play the piano and he started performing in his teens. Dropping out of school, he learned to operate lights for vaudeville and to improvise accompaniment for silent films at a local movie theater in his home town of Red Bank, New Jersey. By 16 he increasingly played jazz piano at parties, resorts and other venues. In 1924 he went to Harlem, where his performing career expanded; he toured with groups to the major jazz cities of Chicago, Louis and Kansas City. In 1929 he joined Bennie Moten's band in Kansas City, and played with them until Moten's death in 1935
Aug 22 Deng Xiaoping a Chinese revolutionary and statesman. He was the leader of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1992. After Mao Zedong's death, Deng led his country through far-reaching market economic reforms. While Deng never held office as the head of state, head of government or General Secretary , he nonetheless was considered the "paramount leader" of the People's Republic of China from December 1978 to 1992. As the core of the second-generation leaders, Deng shared his power with several powerful older politicians commonly known as the Eight Elders
Aug 26 Christopher Isherwood an English novelist.

Top 7 most famous people died in August 1904

Aug 6 Eduard Hanslick a German Bohemian music critic.
Aug 9 Friedrich Ratzel a German geographer and ethnographer, notable for first using the term Lebensraum in the sense that the National Socialists later would.
Aug 10 Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau a French Republican statesman.
Aug 12 William Renshaw a former World 1 British tennis player active during the late 19th century. He was one of the most successful male players in the history of the Wimbledon Championships, winning the singles title a record seven times. Additionally he won the doubles title five times together with his brother Ernest. The right-hander was known for his power and technical ability which put him ahead of competition at the time. He was the first president of the British Lawn Tennis Association
Aug 22 Kate Chopin an American author of short stories and novels. She is now considered by some to have been a forerunner of the feminist authors of the 20th century
Aug 25 Henri Fantin-Latour a French painter and lithographer best known for his flower paintings and group portraits of Parisian artists and writers.
Aug 29 Murad V the 33rd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who reigned from 30 May to 31 August 1876.