December 1560 in history

December 1560 events chronologically

Dec 8 The city of Guarulhos is founded

Born in December 1560

Dec 3 Jan Gruter a Flemish-born philologist, scholar, and librarian.
Dec 13 Maximilien de Béthune Duke of Sully the doughty soldier, French minister, staunch Huguenot and faithful right-hand man who assisted king Henry IV of France in the rule of France. Historians emphasize Sully's role in building a strong centralized administrative system in France using coercion and highly effective new administrative techniques. His policies were not original, and most were reversed. Historians have also studied his neo-Stoicism and his ideas about virtue, prudence, and discipline

Died in December 1560

Dec 2 Georg Sabinus a German poet, diplomat and academic.
Dec 5 Francis II of France a monarch of the House of Valois-Angoulême who was King of France from 1559 to 1560. He was also King consort of Scotland as a result of his marriage to Mary, Queen of Scots, from 1558 until his death