December 1612 in history

December 1612 events chronologically

Dec 28 Galileo Galilei becomes the first astronomer to observe the planet Neptune, although he mistakenly catalogued it as a fixed star

Born in December 1612

Dec 2 David Ryckaert III a Flemish Baroque painter. He started his career as a landscape painter but later specialized in genre paintings
Dec 12 Janusz Radziwiłł (1612–55) a notable Polish noble and magnate. Throughout his life he occupied a number of posts in the state administration, including that of Court Chamberlain of Lithuania and Field Hetman of Lithuania. He was also a voivode of Vilna Voivodeship, as well as a starost of Samogitia, Kamieniec, Kazimierz and Sejwy

Died in December 1612

Dec 5 John Almond (martyr) born circa 1577 and ordained in 1598. He was martyred on 5 December 1612. Canonized in 1970, John Almond is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
Dec 22 Francesco IV Gonzaga Duke of Mantua Duke of Mantua and Duke of Montferrat between 9 February and 22 December 1612.