December 1668 in history

Born in December 1668

Dec 31 Herman Boerhaave a Dutch botanist, Christian humanist and physician of European fame. He is regarded as the founder of clinical teaching and of the modern academic hospital and is sometimes referred to as "the father of physiology," along with his pupil Albrecht von Haller. He is best known for demonstrating the relation of symptoms to lesions and, in addition, he was the first to isolate the chemical urea from urine. His motto was Simplex sigillum veri; Simplicity is the sign of truth

Died in December 1668

Dec 11 Marquise-Thérèse de Gorla a French actress and ballet dancer. She was one of the stars of the Molière's company. She was also known for her love affairs and as an object of affection for many famous people
Dec 22 Stephen Daye the first British North American printer.